Business Matching Programs

This Eco-Tech fair, which a large number of people in Japan and abroad visit to seek environmental technologies of their interest, supports business matching between exhibitors and visitors. In addition, holding seminars leading to environmental business are also sold.
■ Negotiation corner (at two places) set up in the venue

Negotiation space that can be used by exhibitors and visitors and takes privacy into consideration is created on the first floor of the venue.

 ●Time during which the space can be used
  11:00-17:00, February 16 (Thursday)
  (Final reception: 16:30)
  10:00-16:00, February 17 (Friday)
  (Final reception: 15:30)

* Come to the negotiation corner reception desk if you wish to use the negotiation corner.

■ About our support system (Interpreters)
In this fair, where overseas enterprises and government people from many countries and regions, professional interpreters are available in English, Chinese, and Korean to support international business meetings and matching.

■ Kawasaki Eco Business Board
The bulletin board presents information on seminars and events of the day, and products and technologies that exhibiting companies and organizations would like to call attention to.
The board is installed near the entrance. Take advantage of the board for your business matching by effectively gathering real-time comments and information by exhibitors.

■ Environmental Business Alliance Matching Seminar February 16 (Thu) 13:00-16:00
Enterprises that expand environmental business in various regions make presentations on their projects (e.g. products, technology, and systems) and provide business meeting sessions in order to discover new business partners for developing products and services and exploring sales networks.

<Venue>Seminar venue A
【Organizer】Organizers: Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Y's Global Vision Co. Ltd.
Company PR
Y's Global Vision Co. Ltd. is an enterprise handling water-related products including Ocean Pure, which is the world's smallest class seawater desalination device, and Water Pure, which is a handy water purifier for emergency and outdoor use.
The company won the grand prize of Fujisankei Communications Group's Venture Award among about 200 companies.
The small seawater desalination device has been delivered to the Fisheries Agency and enterprises including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
In addition, the purifier for emergency has been used for the support for the areas damaged by typhoons in the Philippines and adopted by municipalities in Saitama Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture.
"Operations for 'Local Production/Consumption of Water'" Mr. Yoshifumi Yanase (President)
SOMAY-Q Technology Corporation
Company PR
This is a nanotechnology development laboratory which combines anything. With its unique technology to make materials at the nanoscale, it produces and applies paints that can be applied to any materials and have high adhesion and durability. This technology lengthens the life spans of facilities and materials, which can contribute to the reduction of waste and CO2. It can solve various problems in the world regardless of the business type; it does not only protect iron and concrete, but also improves and repairs social infrastructure and enhances the values and appearance of products.
"Methods to Extend the Life of Iron and Concrete" Mr. Yohei Watanabe (M.R&D Manager)
Shunan Mizusyori Co., Ltd.
Company PR
The organization was established in Shunan City Yamaguchi Prefecture in April 1985 as a distributor in Yamaguchi Prefecture of Kurita Water Industries Ltd., which is the largest water treatment company. In October, 2015, it took over a project related to an piping resistance reducing agent, LSP-01 from LSP Cooperative Association and began to expand it nationwide. LSP-01 is an epoch-making energy-saving agent, whose main agent is surfactant, used in the closed water circulation system developed by industry-academia-government joint research of Yamaguchi University and Shunan Regional Industry Promotion Center. As a pioneer of piping resistance reducing agents, it contributes to energy conservation and the product has already been adopted in more than 200 projects.
"Presentation of Resistance Lowering Technology for Energy and Cost Reduction in Water Circulation Air Conditioning and Cold/Hot Water Systems and Recruitment of Partners" Mr. Yasuhiko Terada
Marvel Corporation
Company PR
This is a company producing and selling exterior and external construction materials that effectively use domestic lumber and thinned wood and environmentally-friendly color free preserving treatment. This singular technology in Japan received Wood Design Award and Wood Challenge Award subsidized by the Forestry Agency, and it receives a good reputation. Also, the project is highly appreciated from the viewpoints of regional revitalization and global environmental conservation and is certified and supported as a New Partnership Project by METI.
"Marvel wood (wood with eco-friendly treatment for high durability and storage made from domestic wood)" Mr. Seisuke Ozawa (President)
Geo Power System Co., Ltd.
Company PR
This company develops, designs, installs, and sells a geothermal ventilation system, a winner of the Minister of the Environment Award. It can apply underground heat, which draws attention as a renewable energy insusceptible to weather, to a ventilation system at a relatively low price. Accordingly, it has adopted by about 1,700 facilities in Japan ranging from housing to public facilities, factories, shops, and offices. Thus it has one of the highest delivery records in Japan.
"Overview and Application Example of 'Geothermal Heat Ventilation System,' a Winner of the Minister of the Environment Award" Mr. Shinsei Hashimoto (CEO)
Trim Co., Ltd.
Company PR
Glass recycling is said to be difficult throughout the country. In particular, effective recycling methods for colored bottles have not been established yet. However, we have established a method to recycle not glass to glass, but glass to artificial pumice "Super Sol," which has totally different properties from those of glass., regardless of the color, shape, and size of the glass. The Super Sol is characterized by its porosity and lightness. Also, its specific gravity and water absorption can be freely controlled. Therefore, it attracts attention as a material that can be used in various scenes including civil engineering, greening, architecture, agriculture, gardening, water purification, and filtration.
"Super-Sol, multi-purpose material made from glass" Mr. Tsuyoshi Tamanaha (Director and General Manager)
Environment technology lab Inc.
Company PR
We have engaged in environmentally-friendly technological development for the purpose of "scientifically studying soil." We research and develop construction and civil engineering materials and environmental conservation materials and sell durable soil pavement products.
"Eco-Friendly Earth Pavement" Mr. Yoshikazu Fuji (Representative Director and President)
Tamagawa Kyushu Co., Ltd.
Company PR
The enterprise is engaged in construction and maintenance mainly of photovoltaic power generation systems, based in Fukuoka Prefecture. It undertakes photovoltaic power generation EPC projects at over 200 places in Kyushu Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, etc. Based on the methods we gained from the experience including construction, we have an advantage that we can provide our original one-stop photovoltaic maintenance services.
This time, we will introduce to you not only our maintenance services but also a hybrid street lamps of wind power and photovoltaic power called SKY Eco Light, which is highly competitive in price.
"Presentation of 'Sky Eco-Light,' a recycled energy, hybrid street lamp, and response to needs for photovoltaic device maintenance that have been expanding rapidly under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources by Electricity Utilities" Mr. Yasuyuki Tanaka
Company PR
The association is a general incorporated association aiming at providing proper maintenance techniques, know-how, human resources development, and support services for various projects concerning photovoltaic power plants. As an independent organization, the association can provide appropriate and comprehensive maintenance services, which are not totally dependent on the techniques and systems of maintenance companies, because it provides techniques and know-how necessary for the maintenance of photovoltaic power generation systems, provides knowledge on how to create appropriate reports to be submitted to power generation operators, and supports the management of maintenance records and the partnerships with the industry peers.
"Propositions on the Optimum Maintenance and Management of Photovoltaic Power Plants" Mr. Takahiro Munesada (Representative Director)

■ Market Development Seminar
This is a support seminar on overseas expansion and market development of enterprises provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan. After the seminar, individual consulting will be provided to support the creation of business opportunities for enterprises.

【Venue】 Seminar venue A, Thu. Feb. 16, 11:30-12:00
●"JICA's Assistance for Overseas Business Development of Small and Medium Enterprises with a Focus on Environment, Resource, and Energy Projects"
Ms. Emi Hirose (Japan International Cooperation Agency Yokohama International Center Assistant Director)

【Venue】 Seminar venue A, Thu. Feb. 16, 12:00-12:30
●"Introduction of Consortium for New Export Nation and Example of Overseas Business Development Assisted by JETRO"
Mr. Tatsuya Furujo (Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Yokohama Trade Information Center Chief)

【Venue】 Seminar venue A, Fri. Feb. 17, 11:30-12:30
●"Essential Steps in Developing Markets in the ASEAN Region"
Mr. Kazuya Sato (International Business Advisor, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan)