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Air, soil, and water environment business

070 Air, soil, and water environment business
ACT Co.,Ltd 【TEL】0883-24-8887

【Industrial information】
Our Suimu series offers coagulants that allow for easy and low-cost disposal of liquid waste. This series of products saves disposal costs compared with a case where you cannot dispose of it in-house and therefore disposal of liquid waste is totally outsourced to an industrial waste collector. Our coagulants excel conventional products in that they produce precipitates easy to dewater and provide excellent reaction rates and easy pH-value adjustment. In addition, they are composed of safe ingredients, which are mainly natural minerals, meaning that our products as well as treated waste water are environmentally friendly. They are used in large-scale construction work in Tokushima Prefecture and decontamination projects in Fukushima Prefecture.

【Exhibition information】
Panel for showing our products, several types of actual liquid wastes untreated and treated, and our product samples

071 Air, soil, and water environment business
OSMO CO., LTD. 【TEL】044-981-3332

【Industrial information】
OSMO Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing of water treatment equipment.
Our main business areas are pure water and ultrapure water treatment, effluent treatment, and industrial chemicals. Our equipment has been installed in semiconductor factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospital etc. Osmo introduces superior water treatment technology into countries or areas where safe & secure water is not available.

【Exhibition information】
・Emergency drinking water system
It provides drinking water by purifying river water, sea water and fire prevention water during emergency situations such as earthquakes and disaster.

069 Air, soil, and water environment business
Waterworks Bureau,City of Kawasaki 【TEL】044-200-3097

【Industrial information】
Waterworks Bureau, City of Kawasaki is making efforts to establish “water circulation system” by integrally conducting tap water system, industrial water system and sewerage system. And we contribute to safe and comfortable lives of citizens and creation of favorable water environment. Also, for creating a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society, we utilize sludge and advanced treatment wastewater resulting from water, industrial water and wastewater treatment process, as well as working on good use of renewable energy. Moreover, we try to contribute improving water environment all over the world by utilizing technologies, knowledge and experiences which we have accumulated through longtime management in waterworks and sewerage field.

【Exhibition information】
We will present our water circulation system constructed through integrated management and operation of waterworks, industrial waterworks, and sewerage using a large panel and video in which Watern and Cuppy, our mascots, will appear. We will also present our international business operations under an environment with natural streams produced by the physical height differences.

068 Air, soil, and water environment business
Kawasaki Water Business Network 【TEL】044-200-3739

【Industrial information】
For the enhancement of the global water environment through water business, a platform “Kawasaki Water Business Network” (KaWaBiz NET) was established in Aug. 2012 between private enterprises which have water-related technologies / products, and the City of Kawasaki which has technologies and expertise of water / sewerage management, in cooperation with relevant ministries and organizations. KaWaBiz NET consists of 55 members and 12 cooperators at present and is engaged in the activities with members to enhance water environment through successful water business mainly in Asian region where City of Kawasaki has relationship.

【Exhibition information】
We introduce activities and members of KaWaBiz NET using panels, brochure and handouts.

091 Air, soil, and water environment business

【Industrial information】
Our Japanese corporation started operation in May 2016 in the Kanagawa Global Business Center of Industry and Trade Center located at 2, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City.
Outside Japan, we have Kimijima Takayasu Trading Dalian Co., Ltd. in Dalian City, China, which is working on contamination control including drainage friendly to the water environment. It also manufactures LEDs for the Japanese market and exports them to Japan.
Our water treatment equipment uses a special ceramic catalyst to supply air to dirty water or the like to transform it to active water, namely clean water. The equipment is simple and consumes less power; water treated with this equipment is used as circulating water in power plants, boilers, sump pits, and cooling towers. We also sell water control systems for water functionality improvement designed to be connected to tap water to drink.

【Exhibition information】
Our air reformer causes cost increases because of equipment degradation, increased maintenance costs, environmental and sanitary pollution, shortened equipment life, and so on resulting from, for example, adhesion of troublesome scales, corrosion due to red rust, bloom of algae, and Legionella bacteria. We will solve these problems.

098 Air, soil, and water environment business
KENDENSHA Co.Ltd 【TEL】0853-28-1818

【Industrial information】
KENDENSHA Co., Ltd. manufactures equipment associate with environmental preservation. Now, we specialize in drainage; in the field of primary drainage, we have sold more than 500 units of Slit Saver, a solid-liquid separator.
Slit Saver separates solid-containing liquid into solid and liquid contents.

【Exhibition information】
Small demonstration machine, booklets, product promotion panel, and monitor (to show the corporate profile)

072 Air, soil, and water environment business
Shoei Co.,Ltd. 【TEL】044-589-1601

【Industrial information】
We propose SBEM automation systems—which visualize heating, lighting, and water costs per guest—to owners of accommodations or premises with bathing facilities such as a swimming pool and warm bath. According to your facilities, we propose you an ideal plan that combines energy saving measures for electricity, heat, and water.
We will also exhibit the world's first mutual water-quality monitoring system that can measure eight items at the same time. You can consult us at no charge. Please stop by our booth to ask any questions.

【Exhibition information】
SBEM automation system, SHOEI Bathing EcoSystem (SBES) for reducing costs for warm baths, energy-saving, industrial-use circulating filter, mutual-diagnostic, total water quality monitoring system capable of displaying up to eight data items at the same time, and so on

073 Air, soil, and water environment business
Fujiks Co.,Ltd. 【TEL】044-245-0822

【Industrial information】
Having started as a pioneer in the field of waterjet technology, we provide a wide range of services from high-pressure washing of factory equipment to cleaning of pipes, chipping of concrete, and manufacturing of mist cooling devices. With an established reputation for our technological capabilities, we have obtained certification for our pipe cleaning technique for skyscraper apartment building as the Kawasaki craftsmanship brand and for our service of environmentally-friendly drainpipe cleaning as the Kawasaki low-CO2 brand. We will continue to help improve the social environment in the fields of the environment, safety, and regeneration.

【Exhibition information】
We have neary-50-year experience in waterjet-based pipe washing for buildings and factories. During this period, customers' needs have been changing every moment. In particular, customers are seeking for solutions to odors. If you have a problem associated with odors, you are recommended to experience our service for solving odor problems.

074 Air, soil, and water environment business
FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 【TEL】03-5435-7111

【Industrial information】
Based on the technologies and experience that have been cultivated, FUJIELECTRIC will continue to try to innovate energy and environmental technologies so that we can continue to create environmentally-friendly, high-value-added product s that make use of energy most effectively. We will also expand our energy/environmental business globally to help realize a sustainable, safe, secure society while trying to harmonize with the ever-changing global environment.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we will exhibit gas analyzers and other environmental technology products.

088 Air, soil, and water environment business

【Industrial information】
When the Kinu-gawa River in Ibaraki Prefecture overflowed in September 2014, we provided disaster relief assistance. At that time, we witnessed many people who were unable to come to water trucks and keenly felt that water purifiers were needed to ensure that drinking and daily life water is available even at small-scale evacuation sites. Through this experience, we have developed the Kokkun Nomeruzo, a full-fledged water purifier. You can make use of this product as measures against disaster situations in apartment buildings, facilities, and companies, let alone evacuation sites.
* The product was exhibited at Technical Symposium 2016 of the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency and adopted.

【Exhibition information】
1. <Kokkun Nomeruzo, a full-fledged water purifier>
• Demonstration of purification with the Kokkun Nomeruzo
• Showing video of our product lineup
• Comparison between unpurified and purified water of Lake Suwa.
• Measured data of purified water of the Tone River and Lake Suwa
2. <Plastic water container and feed-water cock for use in the event of a disaster>
At any time, our staff provides explanations as required.

Waste disposal/recycling business

061 Waste disposal/recycling business
Asset Associates, Inc. 【TEL】048-967-2910

【Industrial information】
With the motto "Review and renew assets," we promote the reuse and recycling of IT assets to make them sustainable. That is the commitment of Asset Associates. We are fully responsible for a series of steps consisting of equipment reception, data deletion, and reuse/recycling. We provide a new business model that delivers environmental preservation, security, and low costs.

【Exhibition information】
Presentation of our services and exhibition of data erasing devices and samples of disassembled smartphones

082 Waste disposal/recycling business
Kawasaki City Environmental Protection Bureau Public Waste Management Department 【TEL】044-200-2580

【Industrial information】
Kawasaki is a large city with a population of approximately 1.5 million, where many environmentally aware citizens and companies are making a variety of efforts on their own initiative as environmental citizens. We will continue to integrally promote resources recycling, reduction of carbon emissions, and natural symbiosis, and make efforts together with citizens and businesses to address environmental issues. With these efforts, we will lead Japan or even the world, let alone Kawasaki City, in helping conserve the environment.

【Exhibition information】
We will present the flow of waste disposal in Kawasaki City and environmental study facilities as well as our efforts to promote recycling.

086 Waste disposal/recycling business
Environment Energy CO.,LTD. 【TEL】084-920-2830

【Industrial information】
We have developed a converter that transforms waste plastic and cooking oil into high-quality hydrocarbon oil. By using a catalyst, this device has solved the conventional technical problems that wax is precipitated out of waste plastic and that waste cooking oil cannot be used for the latest common-rail engines.
Now, we can propose you to transform waste plastic into oil and generate biodiesel from waste eating oils.

【Exhibition information】
We will present a new method for transforming waste plastic into oil using a catalyst, explain the basic flow of generating biodiesel from waste eating oils, show photographs of equipment for transforming waste plastic into oil and equipment for generating biodiesel from waste eating oils.

085 Waste disposal/recycling business
Human air conditioner CoolSmile 【TEL】06-6829-6079

【Industrial information】
In international patent application, launched in October 2015 as a surface water-cooled clothing, has already begun the use. Visited the 2016 July Kumamoto Prefecture mashiki, we completed the mission to assist the new product has just been developed to local victims have been farmers. In addition to be able to ensure the occupational safety of the heat wave period, improve productivity, there is a separation preventing effect in the field. We elan the product development over the time and cost for further evolution.

【Exhibition information】
Surface water-cooled human air conditioning, air conditioning mask, salaryman air conditioning, dog air conditioning of the exhibition.
State-of-the-art heat stroke measures product will studded.

065 Waste disposal/recycling business
Kureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd. 【TEL】044-280-3810

【Industrial information】
We endeavor to global environmental conservation through industrial waste collection, transport, and intermediate treatment, as well as the overall engineering of environment-related equipment. Based on the needs of our customers, we conduct to develop technology; delivering equipment that can process VOC flue gases contained in emissions from production equipment, managing detoxification of POPs and other substances, corresponding medical waste with infection risk, supporting disaster-related waste disposal, and so on. Managing proper dispose of diversify waste, we take a part in industrial vitalization as venous industry. Furthermore, for the realization of a low carbon society, we operate a rated-value 4.8MW waste power plant.

【Exhibition information】
●VOC flue gas treatment equipment
●Industrial waste management facility and its processing
●Transshipment and storage facility for specially controlled industrial waste
●Approaching to environment conservation and energy supply at Kawasaki coastal area
 ※Inquiries on industrial waste for low-concentration PCB are also welcome upon consultation.

060 Waste disposal/recycling business
CORELEX SAN-EI Co.,Ltd. TOKYO MILL 【TEL】044-281-1100

【Industrial information】
We have achieved a recycling process that recovers resources to put them into products.
We are the world's first zero-emission paper mill, which was born in 2003 as the first factory of the model project for resources recycling society promoted by the government. Renamed as TOKYO MILL of CORELEX SAN-EI Co., Ltd. in October 2015, we started over again.
In the mill, we have built recycling-oriented paper making lines based on the world's most advanced equipment. We process as much as 7,000 tons of recovered paper a month to produce 1.10 million tons of toilet paper.

【Exhibition information】
• Exhibition of toilet paper made of 100% recycled paper
• Explanation about mixed paper recycling
• Explanation about dissolving classified documents for recycling
• Exhibition of the processes of producing recycled toilet paper

052 Waste disposal/recycling business
IoT Council of Waste Management and Recycling 【TEL】093-616-8155

【Industrial information】
IoT Council of Waste Management and Recycling was established as Japan's first organization that is aimed to review the policy about IoT introduction, make proposals about policies to the government and its agencies, and create new projects in the field of waste disposal and recycling, predicated on collaboration of industry, academia, and government. It works on these matters through WG activities and others planned and carried out by knowledgeable people, municipalities, IT companies, manufacturers, waste disposers, and others. By popularizing the IoT technology and associated business models, it aims to address issues such as reduction of carbon emissions in the waste disposal and recycling business industries, sophistication of logistics, improvement of the efficiency and speed of fieldwork along with labor saving for it, and promotion of overseas deployment.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit business models that make use of the IoT possible in the waste disposal and recycling field together with actual examples of models implemented.
• Carbon reduction during collection/transportation and intermediate treatment processes
• Prevention of irregularities, reducing work, and advanced use of data during the distribution process
• Sophistication of recycling business by making use of advanced technology
• Differentiation of Japan's export of infrastructures

081 Waste disposal/recycling business
SINKPIA JAPAN CO.,LTD. 【TEL】045-590-3626

【Industrial information】
SINKPIA, a garbage disposer vendor, aims for an environment where no kitchen garbage is produced from general households and businesses. With the belief that kitchen garbage should be ideally disposed of at the kitchen, or the like, where garbage is produced, we have successfully developed a garbage disposer that can be installed indoor, which had been difficult to achieve. Unlike traditional compost-based and drying-type composers, this disposer biodegrades kitchen garbage thrown in, eliminating the basic need for taking out garbage. All you have to do every day is throw in garbage. You can comfortably use our garbage disposer.

【Exhibition information】
Industrail bio-kitchen garbage processing machine.

067 Waste disposal/recycling business
Japan Environmental Sanitation Center 【TEL】044-288-5095

【Industrial information】
Japan Environmental Sanitation Center has been established in 1954 as a nonprofit organization geared towards the improvement of the living environment. JESC actively pursues environmental protection and conservation through the whole range of its activities in order to contribute to worldwide efforts on creating a healthier global environment.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we will present our projects such as international cooperation and human resources development centering on developing countries and support for operations associated with waste disposal in times of disaster.

056 Waste disposal/recycling business
PET REFINE TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. 【TEL】044-355-9322

【Industrial information】
We are the only resin manufacturer in Japan that is based on chemical recycling technology, which performs polymerization using BHET—a group polymer into which used PET bottles are chemically decomposed and purified—as the raw material to reproduce a resin having the same quality as the virgin PET resin.

【Exhibition information】
We will show the process chart for PRT chemical recycling, questions about the PET bottles exhibited using panels, and show video of the chemical recycling processes.

Environmental solution

001 Environmental solution
Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry 【TEL】048-600-0292

【Industrial information】
Aiming for a sustainable society, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry works together with the organizations of Regional Bureau of Economy and their support organizations across Japan to expand environmental projects such as Environmental Business Alliance Matching seminars and to make efforts to promote 3 R's. Nine exhibitors: Y's Global Vision (Okinawa), Trim Co., Ltd. (Okinawa), Shunan Mizusyori Co.,Ltd. (Yamaguchi), GEO Power System Co., Ltd. (Yamaguchi), Marvel Corporation (Fukui), Somay-Q Technology Corporation (Ibaraki), Environment technology lab Inc. (Osaka), Tamagawa Kyushu Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka), and Solar Power Generation Maintenance Association (Fukuoka)

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit technologies and products of businesses in the environmental and recycling segments that will participate in the Environmental Business Alliance Matching Seminar in Kawasaki to be held on February 16. In the matching seminar, each of the businesses above will make a presentation. Please listen.

087 Environmental solution
Saitama City, Eddy plus 【TEL】048-829-1371

【Industrial information】
Eddy plus develops, manufactures, and sells a C-Mix series of bladeless agitator bodies. We will exhibit an environmentally-friendly water quality improvement device developed based on the C-Mix series with support from the Environmental Technology Industry Promotion project by Saitama Prefecture. With a special bladeless structure, the C-Mix series of products produces vertical agitation flows without leading to an accident caused by contact with a blade or damaging objects to be stirred. This provides uniform agitation without producing many bubbles. In addition, the series requires no blower, providing uniform aeration agitation. We have thus developed an environmental product that purifies water by achieving uniform aeration agitation in a closed water area.

【Exhibition information】
We will demonstrate our environmentally-friendly water quality improvement device that includes a bladeless centrifugal agitator body that does not disrupt the environment or damage objects to be stirred. Please visit our booth and see a demonstration of centrifugal aeration agitation, a feature of the product.

092 Environmental solution
setagayaku 【TEL】03-3411-6662

【Industrial information】
Setagaya-ku is located in the western part of Tokyo and across the Tama River from Kawasaki City. With a population of approximately 890 thousands, it is a residential area with lots of trees and a rich natural environment.
We will present environmental technologies developed by businesses in Setagaya-ku, and natural-energy projects being jointly worked on between municipalities.

【Exhibition information】
Tanaka Electric Laboratory will exhibit a dust concentration meter, an instrument that continuously measures smoke and dust from smokestacks, the most significant source of air pollution, and DDM-TMA1 (Tamaichi), a white-exhaust dust concentration meter of a non-sampling, instantaneous vaporization type, which can be used for wet exhaust from the outlet of desulfurization equipment for coal fired power plants, a new product.
Setagaya-ku will present cross-municipality efforts based on natural energy and show the results of the Energy-saving Point Action project in which homes in the ward took part.

064 Environmental solution
FUKUHARA Co,.Ltd 【TEL】045-363-7373

【Industrial information】
FUKUHARA released Drain Destroyer, a drain oil-water separator, in 1981.
For 35 years, as a long-established company in the industry and a leading maker of drainage treatment systems, we have been consistently making efforts to preserve the environment by popularizing our Drain Destroyer.
The Drain Destroyer is used in all segments of the productive industry; as the No. 1 seller, more than 10,000 units have been shipped so far.
With a dealership system across Japan, we have established a maintenance system for prompt responses to users' needs.

【Exhibition information】
Drainage treatment systems specifically designed for air compressors
Drain traps specifically designed for air compressors
Steam separators (based on tornado centrifuge) for compressed air
Hollow-fiber air dryers specifically designed for air compressors
Bacterial removal filter for compressed air

Energy-saving/Energy management

054 Energy-saving/Energy management
ICOP I.T.G. Inc. 【TEL】03-3831-6666

【Industrial information】
ICOP mainly develops and sells built-in CPU boards for industrial use. Based in Taiwan, we have local corporations in Japan, U.S.A., China, and Germany.
The CPUs of the Vortex 86 series, our original CPU lineup, contained on boards, feature +5-V single-supply operation, low power consumption, low heat generation, and a wide range of operating temperatures (from -20°C to +70°C, or extended range from -40°C to +85°C), and can be installed anywhere.
Besides form-factor products, we custom-build boards according to your requests.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit the following products equipped with a CPU of the Vortex 86 series, our original CPU series:
• Built-in CPU boards
• EBOX, a small PC
• PMX/HMI, a touch-panel PC
• ICE (dust- and water-resistant PC/104, cabinet for industrial use)

026 Energy-saving/Energy management
ALPHAX CO.,LTD. 【TEL】044-755-6661

【Industrial information】
38 years have passed since the company was founded.
Meanwhile, we were manufacturing laser diode test systems.
Recently LED chip test systems has been added.
And we began manufacturing LED lighting.
We have developed a number of products that require knowledge and skills.
High ceiling light, floodlight at sports facilities, plant growth, traffic lights, etc…

【Exhibition information】
LED disk light can be installed in high load environment with 100% humidity.
I just released this year.
Tempered glass, alumite processing, adopted a special structure keeping airtightness.

016 Energy-saving/Energy management
JFE GROUP 【TEL】044-322-1119

【Industrial information】
As a JFE group company, JFE Steel is engaged in steel business. With a world top class production capacity and high-level technological development capability, JFE Steel provides products and services based on its leading-edge technology. On the other hand, JFE Engineering conducts, in many fields in the world, engineering business activities that support the lives of people and industries.
Based on the code of conduct "trying to take on new challenges and be flexible and sincere," we will continue to combine the forces of our group companies to keep trying toward an excellent company group in the 21st century according to the corporate philosophy "continuing to society with the world's highest-level technology."

【Exhibition information】
Group companies that will take part in the show:
<JFE Steel, JFE Plastic Resources, JFE Engineering, and JFE Kankyo>

030 Energy-saving/Energy management
Gentle Lighting co.,ltd 【TEL】044-811-3171

【Industrial information】
We sell and install electrodeless lamps, which will replace mercury lamps. With our business project selected as a Kawasaki-city shop-window model project in 2012 and 2014, we installed electrodeless lamps in the gymnasium of Inada Junior High School and Seki shopping street in Kawasaki City. Our electrodeless lamps are used in many facilities such Kawasaki Nambu Market, NAS swimming pool and tennis courts, and car factories.
With flicker causing pulses eliminated and the noise level reduced to satisfy the requirements for medical devices, our electrodeless lamps are friendly to the environment and people. If you consider using or dealing electrodeless lamps, feel free to contact us.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit electrodeless lamps, which will replace mercury lamps. Saving energy and power, electrodeless lamps emit gentle light that excellently brightens up spaces. With exhibits of many types of lighting fixtures and panels showing examples of installations, we welcome your visits.

020 Energy-saving/Energy management

【Industrial information】
As a member company of the Toshiba Machine group, SHIBAURA SEMTEK helps create a friendly global environment through the sale of environment-conscious products and environmental measurement instruments as well as environmental measurement and analysis. We are conducting business activities such as management of and operation and services in environmental preservation fields, in particular.

【Exhibition information】
SHIBAURA SEMTEK started to deal the α-TH, a power saver for air conditioners. You can save power only by installing the α-TH in the piping for industrial-use air conditioners, helping you conduct activities for preserving the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.
We provide total support ranging from the sale of the α-TH to recommendation of installers and guidance.

031 Energy-saving/Energy management

【Industrial information】
Since the company's founding in 1944, as a manufacturer specializing in liquefied carbon dioxide and dry ice, we have been expanding our business activities such as technical development based on liquid and gaseous nitrogen and sale of associated equipment with focus placed on production and sale of products. In 2012, we inherited the industrial gas division from Showa Denko K.K.; through this inclusion, we became an industrial gas manufacturer, additionally starting to deal separate gas, which is widely used in the industrial and medical areas, and hydrogen, which is required in manufacturing semiconductors. Making maximum use of this this strength, we delicately meet customers' diversifying needs to manufacture and sell products from standpoints closer to those of our customers.

【Exhibition information】
Using supercritical CO2, we can perform processes that must conventionally use organic solvents or processes that were not successfully achieved with organic solvents. We will present a supercritical-CO2 process unit that uses no organic solvent and environmentally friendly technology for achieving a shift from the thinner used in spraying solvents to supercritical CO2.

029 Energy-saving/Energy management
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization 【TEL】044-520-5152

【Industrial information】
As one of the largest public research and development management organizations, NEDO is a national research and development organization that plays a role in economic and industrial administration to work on two missions: solving energy and environmental problems and enhancing industrial technology. We work toward enhancing the industrial technology and solving energy through consistent technical development management ranging from discovery of technical seeds to promotion of medium- and long-term projects and support for commercialization and development.

【Exhibition information】
We will present NEDO's efforts to realize the World's most advanced energy-saving society as well as examples of successful developments and Energy Saving Strategy 2016. We will also give advice about the Strategic Energy-saving Technical Innovation program, a NEDO-supported project.

027 Energy-saving/Energy management
Soushow Co., Ltd. 【TEL】044-788-8521

【Industrial information】
We have been laying a foundation for developing the film industry in Japan; for example, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification and our president serves as a member of the JIS standards committee of films for buildings. We are expanding our business every year to meet a wide variety of needs of our customers. While recent years have seen ongoing global efforts to preserve the environment, the heat blocking efficiency delivered by our high-transparency heat-blocking films receives a lot of attention as an important construction material absolutely necessary to control carbon dioxide emissions.

【Exhibition information】
We hope you will actually feel the heat blocking effect offered by our high-transparency heat-blocking films as well as its transparency and effectiveness. We also installed and sold our films in overseas countries and will present information about such activities. We will also give advice about installation and sale of films on the spot.

018 Energy-saving/Energy management
TonenGeneral Group 【TEL】044-288-8301

【Industrial information】
Thorough consideration to change the future.
With the pride gained from the fact that we have been supporting energy in Japan, in what direction should we move and what should we do toward a future full of joy?
We will thoroughly work together to find unique solutions to provide answers that only we can derive.
We will work using our passion as energy.
Let's change the future. We are a group of TonenGeneral.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we present our measures for safety and environmental preservation, and against disasters. In addition, our staff will give explanations about them for easy understanding.

100 Energy-saving/Energy management
NAGAO SYSTEM INC. 【TEL】044-954-4486

【Industrial information】
Three-dimensional ball mill which our company independently developed and got a patent can not imitate other companies. A device of 3 dimensional high speed exercise is a product not found anywhere.

【Exhibition information】
・Three-dimensional Mini size ball mill(Three-dimensional Reactor)
・Three-dimensional Middle size ball mill(Three-dimensional Reactor)

111 Energy-saving/Energy management
Electrike Japan Co.,Ltd, 【TEL】044-777-2244

【Industrial information】
Electrike Japan is the youngest automotive manufacturer in Japan, which received type approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2015.
We manufacture electric vehicles available for industrial use, which are positioned between minicars and motorbikes.
We offer simple, energy-efficient vehicles specializing in last-one-mile transport.
With a cute look, they can be used as moving advertisement pillars that offer an excellent PR effect.

【Exhibition information】
You can test-drive ElecTrike, a triplet vehicle, to actually feel its short turning radius and carrying capacity.

005 Energy-saving/Energy management
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. 【TEL】044-330-7700

【Industrial information】
With over 80 years of leadership in technological innovation and a market presence in more than 160 markets all around the globe, Mitsubishi Fuso has a long track record as one of the most innovative and prominent brands in the commercial vehicles industry. The motivation for all our pioneering efforts has always been your environment, economy and safety.

【Exhibition information】
The displayed vehicle is a special edition of the 2nd Generation E-CELL. Last year, the FUSO eCanter Concept Truck came out and was presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016. The eCanter is FUSO’s answer to the need for urban delivery trucks of the future.

Renewable energy

022 Renewable energy
ELIIY Power Co., Ltd. 【TEL】03-6431-9044

【Industrial information】
We domestically produce electric-power storage systems centering on the POWER iE6 HYBRID that has a storage capacity of 6.2 kWh and includes a large lithium-ion battery with the world's highest level of safety.
By popularizing large lithium-ion batteries for electric power storage, we will contribute to efficient use of energy in Japan and the world.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we will show our system products.

017 Renewable energy
Kawasaki New Energy Promotion Association 【TEL】044-200-2313

【Industrial information】
Kawasaki New Energy Promotion Association mainly consists of companies in Kawasaki City that, for example, sell and install photovoltaic facilities and storage batteries and construct eco-houses.
We are making efforts to promote and popularize photovoltaic power generation in houses and offices, aiming to promote new energy industries.

【Exhibition information】
Solar panels, storage batteries, and so on.

021 Renewable energy
Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power Co., Ltd 【TEL】044-201-6775

【Industrial information】
We deal biomass-burning power-generating equipment that uses woody biomass fuel instead of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. It is environmentally friendly power generating equipment that supplies CO2-free electricity.
Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power is capable of producing the amount of electric energy that approximately 38,000 general households use in a year, which results in a reduction of approximately 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
We operate an urban biomass power station equipped with environmental facilities such as exhaust gas desulfurizers and denitrizers—environmental facilities that are not used in rural biomass power stations—to satisfy the strict environmental criteria defined by Kawasaki City.

【Exhibition information】
We will present urban, biomass-burning power-generating equipment that uses woody biomass fuel and equipment for transforming woody industrial wastes into fuel.

050 Renewable energy
Kondo-kogei Inc. 【TEL】044-820-1013

【Industrial information】
We create power sources in places where no power source is available.
1. We installed a power source in very cold land where temperature is supposed to drop down to -30°C.
2. Our potable, collapsible, independent power source has allowed energy to be available in the field.
3. We delivered our power sources to elementary and junior high schools in Yokohama City as emergency power sources to be stored in warehouses for disaster prevention and repaired delivered power sources.

【Exhibition information】
We will present actual examples of independent power sources, including independent emergency power sources and daily-use power sources, according to purposes.
We will also explain about solar cells and storage batteries according to purposes.
We also respond to repairing of products from other companies.

089 Renewable energy
JASFA 【TEL】022-246-6421

【Industrial information】
This cooperation、Aiming to “safe and secure society,” formed in a “sustainable”、The “new energy“ improvement of individual lives and business entity,With aggressively to apply the research intellectual property of industry, academia and government in order to be introduced into the community development, town development,The purpose of the use and promotion discovering of technology attained is promote the community、Perform the following activities.

【Exhibition information】
Exhibition of heat exchangers and panel display

025 Renewable energy
DAIWA TECH co.,ltd 【TEL】0266-22-5231

【Industrial information】
We provide a floor heating system based on geothermal storage, an epoch-making system that uses maximum use of geothermal heat, a renewable energy. We have developed this system based on the idea that the thermal demand for air conditioning represents a large percentage of energy demand and therefore it is important to more efficiently use renewable thermal energy. By using a thermal storage medium under the floor that keeps heat in it, we have achieved higher-level energy saving. We offer floor heating that entirely covers the entrance to the living room. By combining natural energy and a thermal storage medium, we have achieved an ideal heating system that is clean and has low running costs.

【Exhibition information】
We will present the mechanism of our floor heating system based on geothermal storage—a system that uses maximum use of geothermal heat, a renewable energy—and an air conditioning system based on geothermal heat.

019 Renewable energy
NANOFUEL CO.,LTO. 【TEL】044-270-1611

【Industrial information】
We own leading-edge technology that leads the world in the field of nanotechnology, which micronizes substances into the nanometer (a millionth of a millimeter) level. Using this technology in the environmental and energy fields, we have successfully developed a new, next-generation fuel. By achieving higher-level energy saving based on high combustion efficiency and thus substantially reducing emissions of hazardous exhaust, we will help improve the lives of people and develop society.

【Exhibition information】
We will have exhibitions centering on power generation based on liquid biomass, which is a promising renewable energy. With the objective of solving the problems associated with electric power generation based on incombustible vegetable oil, we will propose technologies and projects that use nano-technology to achieve high power generation efficiency and environmental friendliness.

023 Renewable energy
YAMADA-GIKEN Co.,Ltd. 【TEL】0776-36-0460

【Industrial information】
Since the establishment of the company in 1987 as a one-man corporation, we have been making efforts with focus placed on compatibility between energy/resources saving and amenity associated with snow melting. We will totally consider resources and energy saving, new energies, and harmony with the natural environment in the fields of nature, environment, traffic, and life in general, and establish a system to create new needs. Will thus make efforts to enhance the individuals' skills and increase added values of products. To this end, we must continue to research and develop near-future technologies ahead of others. Fortunately, we have excellent human resources and hope that we can take a new step toward the next new decade.

【Exhibition information】
We will demonstrate the operating of a water-energy outdoor light (small hydroelectric generation) and exhibit a multi-purpose micro hydroelectric generator.

Hydrogen energy

038 Hydrogen energy
Iwatani Corporation 【TEL】03-5405-7030

【Industrial information】
We mainly conduct activities in the energy field with focus on LP gas and portable cassette cooking stoves, and the field of hydrogen and other industrial gases, in which we have been operating since the foundation. We are also expanding our business activities in many other fields—such as machinery, solvents, electronics, material, and food—derived from the above core fields. In particular, we are focusing on hydrogen, an ultimate environmentally-friendly energy that emits no carbon dioxide when it burns.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we will exhibit, as latest information about hydrogen use, the outlines of hydrogen stations and deployment of a hydrogen supply chain.

037 Hydrogen energy
M and K technology Co.,Ltd 【TEL】042-649-2785

【Industrial information】
We are a venture firm derived from Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Specializing in hydrogen technology, an achievement of the institute, we design and develop hydrogen generators and develop and manufacture hydrogen combustion equipment.
Now, hydrogen receives attention in the fields of medical care, nursing, agriculture, and household products, and others. We provide hydrogen generators suitable for each purpose.
We will help start a new hydrogen age by providing, at reasonable prices, domestically produced reliable hydrogen generators to businesses and people that consider trying to produce hydrogen or hydrogen water.

【Exhibition information】
• Demonstration of a small hydrogen generator (aqpia)
You can sample the hydrogen water based on the aqpia.
• Exhibition of a hydrogen generator that uses aseptic water
In a place where a high-level of sanitation is required, aseptic water is used to generate hydrogen.
• Exhibition of a combustor for mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen and a small hydrogen stove and presentation of research results and so on"

036 Hydrogen energy
Kawasaki City, Environmental Protection Bureau Hydrogen-related project 【TEL】044-200-2178

【Industrial information】
Toward a hydrogen society, Kawasaki City is making efforts to increase the use and awareness of hydrogen and fuel cells in society. As part of these activities, we are working on an enlightenment program based on fuel cell powered vehicles that runs on hydrogen. We hope you will see hydrogen-related technologies for automobiles, which are closely associated with civil life so that you will feel that the use of hydrogen is familiar.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit a fuel cell powered vehicle introduced as an official vehicle for the city and present our efforts to promote the use of hydrogen.

032 Hydrogen energy
SHOWA DENKO K.K Kawasaki Plant 【TEL】044-322-6813

【Industrial information】
We started our history by succeeding in producing ammonia and ammonium sulfate in 1931 for the first time in Japan according to the domestic production act (Tokyo Industrial Laboratory act). Now, we deal a wide range of products such as basic chemicals including caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite besides ammonia; industrial gases centering on nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen; high-purity gases (such as ammonia and chlorine) required to manufacture semiconductors, liquid crystals, and LEDs; special chemicals including food additives and cosmetic materials; and columns for high-speed chromatography, which is used to decompose and analyze chemical substances.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit information about how to transform hydrogen from used plastic products into ammonia material. In addition, we will have an exhibition about the demonstration of the energy use technology that transports the hydrogen above to take advantage of pure-hydrogen fuel cells.

047 Hydrogen energy
Chiyoda Corporation 【TEL】045-225-7777

【Industrial information】
As you may know, Chiyoda Corporation is an integrated engineering company in the energy sector. We design and build oil refineries, chemical plants and LNG plants. Since Chiyoda Corporation was established in 1948, Chiyoda has executed numerous projects in over 40 countries around the world.
Our latest challenge is constructing a hydrogen supply chain. Hydrogen is procured from fuel producers. Then, the hydrogen is transported by chemical tankers, stored, and supplied to oil refineries, chemical and thermal power plants.

【Exhibition information】
We'd like to share SPERA Hydrogen®system.
Chiyoda Corporation has made hydrogen remarkably easy to transport it in a liquid at ambient temperature and pressure.
In June 2013, the City of Kawasaki and Chiyoda Corporation agreed to develop a hydrogen supply network in Kawasaki. By 2020, We plan to construct the first hydrogen supply network utilizing SPERA Hydrogen.

034 Hydrogen energy
Toshiba Corporation 【TEL】044-331-7702

【Industrial information】
We exhibit H2One®, a new one-stop energy supply system that covers all steps from production of hydrogen from regenerated energy to storage of the produced hydrogen and use of it in fuel cells. Both in normal times and in cases where anything happens, H2One® contributes to stable supply of energy based on regenerated hydrogen energy.

【Exhibition information】
H2One mockup, appealing panels and banners

035 Hydrogen energy
Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement,Ltd. 【TEL】045-504-7550

【Industrial information】
As a company open to society, our mission is to contribute to society with products, construction work, and maintenance based on advanced
technology, while always being fair, transparent, and taking on challenges with free creativity. Our goal is to have an irreplaceable role in
contributing to the development of social economy, as well as for the growth of individuals. To achieve that, each and every one of our employees,
from the top management down, will put our company values (5 items: customer first, social contribution, reliance, guarantee of safety, strict
ethical standards) into practice, and act with a firm resolve to persistently act with a sense of responsibility that is flexible and innovative.

【Exhibition information】
The hydrogen dispenser called
NEORISE is equipped with our proprietarily-developed Coriolis
mass flowmeter, allowing hydrogen gas to be measured stably and
very precisely. It can fully charge an FCV with 70MPa and -40℃ hydrogen gas
in about 3 minutes.

033 Hydrogen energy
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha,Ltd. 【TEL】044-333-5362

【Industrial information】
With the corporate philosophy of "contributing to development of society by providing high-quality products and equipment based on reliable technology rooted in craftsmanship and thorough quality control," Mitsubishi Kakoki satisfies needs in the new age and is aggressively trying to enter new business fields. We will continue to provide products, techniques, and services that satisfy all needs of our customers.

【Exhibition information】
HyGeia series of small hydrogen generators, HyGeia-A (an onsite hydrogen producer for hydrogen stations), hydrogen station, and filling packages

Contribution to the local environment

040 Contribution to the local environment
IBS CO., LTD. 【TEL】044-434-4489

【Industrial information】
We’ll provide you with introductions of the following ;
a hygiene management : getting rid of invisible stains such as bacteria and odors.
Vitreous coating : making bath room odorless.
Urethane coating : making wooden floor durable.
UV coating : replacing polishing wax.
Cleaning and maintenance : using alkaline electrolyzed water which doesn’t contain any environmental pollutant.

【Exhibition information】
We’ll display the samples of each coating. We are also going to conduct demonstrations to show you the effectiveness of each type of coating.
We would love to gives advice on any problem you have about building maintenance.

083 Contribution to the local environment
Kawasaki Eco-Tech 【TEL】044-200-2313

【Industrial information】
We will introduce the newest information about the activities of companies involved with Kawasaki's environmental technology, as well as energy-producing, energy-saving facilities in Kawasaki City.

【Exhibition information】
We will introduce the newest information about the activities of companies involved with Kawasaki's environmental technology, as well as energy-producing, energy-saving facilities in Kawasaki City.

104 Contribution to the local environment
Kawasaki City, Environmental Protection Bureau 【TEL】044-200-2169

【Industrial information】
Environmental Protection Bureau of Kawasaki City is working on a project against global warming. We promote harmony between the environment and economy, aiming for a sustainable society. For example, we are conducting environmental measures that make use of the strength of Kawasaki, making international contributions based on our environmental technology, and making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through collaboration with a variety of entities.

【Exhibition information】
We will present our efforts against global warming, workshops aiming to create innovation, and Low-CO2 Kawasaki Brand project for certifying excellent environmental technologies and products in Kawasaki City.

010 Contribution to the local environment
Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi 【TEL】044-211-0503

【Industrial information】
Through credit guarantees, Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi has been making efforts for more than 60 years to facilitate financing for small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City. We will continue to work close to small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City to support them as an organization that supports businesses in Kawasaki that will open the way to the future.

【Exhibition information】
We will provide consultation and information about credit guarantees and so on.

084 Contribution to the local environment
Kawasaki Zero Emission Industrial Complex 【TEL】044-299-5374

【Industrial information】
We will introduce our efforts aimed at minimizing environmental load and recycling measures for the effective use of resources and energy at the “Kawasaki Zero Emission Industrial Complex” in the Kawasaki Eco-Town.

【Exhibition information】
We will have exhibition panels and brochures about the Kawasaki Zero Emission Industrial Complex.

076 Contribution to the local environment
SHINGOKIZAI 【TEL】044-411-2191

【Industrial information】
Since the foundation, as a pioneer, we have been working toward a safe, secure society with consideration given to the safety of railways and roads.
We provide total services for town planning, ranging from planning, proposal, and design to sale and construction.

【Exhibition information】
○ Bonline Shell: Molten paint for road markings that makes effective use of scallop shells
○ Solar motion picture sign (solar tsunami evacuation leading sign)

080 Contribution to the local environment
Takara Protect Materials Co.Ltd. 【TEL】044-976-0666

【Industrial information】
Takara Protect Materials specializes and handles protect materials for construction and the health care. The firm contribute to the local area as well as the construction industry while pursuing new material and new technology.

【Exhibition information】
”Titanium apatite” developed by joint research of the Tokyo University and the Fujitsu Research Institute, and our anti-virus application, ”Appli-tech” are combined within our newly designed high tech soap, ”Beauty of Esther”, ”Takara-Protect Soap” ”Kawasaki-ryoku”.

024 Contribution to the local environment
NIPPON KOEI CO., LTD. 【TEL】03-5276-3930

【Industrial information】
Nippon Koei is Japan’s No.1 International Engineering Consultants. We have been providing consulting services for economic development projects in 156 countries all over the world, since 1946. Our project managers and engineers provide strong engineering solutions for our clients by planning, designing and supervising construction of infrastructure projects. Moreover, Nippon Koei is well-known worldwide for the quality of its consulting services in environmental field. We have been addressing energy-saving, climate change, environmental management and forest conservation to solve global environmental issues.

【Exhibition information】
Nippon Koei mainly exhibits the accomplishment of our consulting services to date and proposes the services that we will sincerely provide for you.

Electric power generation/selling/trading business

049 Electric power generation/selling/trading business
Kawasaki Natural Gas Power Generation Co.,Ltd 【TEL】044-366-8671

【Industrial information】
Based on combined-cycle power generation, which combines a steam turbine and a gas turbine that uses natural gas as the fuel, we have significantly increased the thermal efficiency compared with conventional systems, helping reduce CO2 emissions. We are continuously generating electric power safely and stably without experiencing many halts caused by problems.

【Exhibition information】
With a simulator based on 3-D technology, you can make a virtual observation tour in our power plant. We will also have three-choice questions for children so that they can learn the mechanism of combined cycle power generation in an enjoyable format.

048 Electric power generation/selling/trading business
TOKYO GAS 【TEL】044-211-7212

【Industrial information】
Since its founding in 1885, the TOKYO GAS group has been supporting good lives of its customers and society development for 130 years by supplying city gas to the metropolitan Tokyo area and its surrounding areas.
In April 2016, we have started electric power retailing by making use of its strength that has been long cultivated in the gas segment.
As a total energy business group, we will continue to satisfy needs of our customers through supply of gas and electric power.

【Exhibition information】
We will present ENE FARM (a fuel-cell cogeneration system for home use), a bottled liquid checker, methane detector, SMART MULTI (the first industrial-use conditioning system based on combined use of gas and electricity), and so on. We will also provide consultation about electric power (please drop by our booth with your electric meter-reading slip).

Environmental civil engineering/architecture

063 Environmental civil engineering/architecture

【Industrial information】
In 1961, we started as Toyo Rozai Kogyosho.
Now, we have four divisions: Industrial Furnace division, which has established a consistent system covering all of design, construction, and maintenance phases to provide industrial furnaces indispensable for the manufacture in Japan based on reliable technology; Environmental Furnace division, which constructs incinerators that make harmful materials accompanied with combustion of combustible waste harmless based on the techniques cultivated through industrial furnace business toward social contribution; Environmental Material division, which makes use of recycling-oriented materials for effective use of resources and aims to create spaces with art with the motto of being friendly to people and the environment; Overseas division, which has a local office in Laos to import lumber and other materials.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit environmentally friendly products that we deal, such as an artificial-wood deck made of scrap wood and/or recycled resin and paving blocks that counter urban floods and other water environmental issues as well as photographs showing actual installations. Our overseas department will present our actual activities in Laos along with special products of Laos, such as textiles and paper products.

093 Environmental civil engineering/architecture
Nice Corporation 【TEL】045-505-5714

【Industrial information】
We provide products and services founded on a close interaction among our extensive range of information, know-how and technologies covering our two core businesses of building materials and housing to help our customers realize their dream homes. Our business roots are in the timber auction market, so we are very committed when it comes to wood. The keywords we adhere to in our wooden housing are ”safety”, ”reliability” and ”comfort”. We emphasize harmony with the local community in our housing sales, and design, develop and supply housing from a local perspective.

【Exhibition information】
We will demonstrate assembly based on the power-build construction method, a simple method that only requires drive-in of drift pins without using bottles or nuts and therefore does not require high-level skills, allowing you to construct uniform, accurate structures in a short time. In addition, using panels, we will show temporary houses, small- to medium-size wooden buildings, and so on.

043 Environmental civil engineering/architecture
UD,Inc 【TEL】044-813-1112

【Industrial information】
Our company develop/manufacture/sell the products in which diatom earth and so on are used, and can provide many kinds of products. Our company are handling a wide range of users’ needs whether domestic or foreign.

【Exhibition information】
Antimicrobial finishing material and Environmental improvement material in which high functional diatom earth is used.

Urban development/Smart cities

028 Urban development/Smart cities
Institute of Sustainable City Forum 【TEL】03-5542-1680

【Industrial information】
• We are conducting research and development activities together with partner organizations, specialists, administrative bodies, and municipalities to reduce carbon emissions in the areas of, for example, construction and urban planning, environment and energy, and economy and society.
• We give Eco-city Class and provide seminars, tours, and other events associated with reduction of carbon emissions and energy saving.
• We are entrusted to manage the Area Energy Management (AEM) Center to help save energy for small- to medium-size buildings in the area.

【Exhibition information】
We will present the activities of Institute of Sustainable City Forum.

053 Urban development/Smart cities
NEC Corporation 【TEL】045-682-4511

【Industrial information】
Orchestrating a brighter world
As a firm for creating social values, NEC will make maximum use of ICT and harmonize with our customers and partners in the world to realize a brighter, more comfortable world according to the catch phrase ""Orchestrating a brighter world.""

【Exhibition information】
Among solutions for realizing smarter societies, we will present IoT solutions that allow for coexistence with the global environment and sustainable development based on effective use of limited resources.
• Smart cities based on the IoT
• Utilization of the big-data technology in the environmental segment.

077 Urban development/Smart cities
OSMO & EDEL 【TEL】03-6279-4972

【Industrial information】
WAREMA external venetian blinds create an optimal lighting atmosphere at any time of day and allow perfect daylight utilisation.The individually adjustable slat angle ensures that rooms receive just the right amount of daylight while protecting against prying eyes. We are therefore able to provide flexible daylight utilisation for both maximum energy efficiency and a truly comfortable setting.

【Exhibition information】
WAREMA external Venetian Blind
WAREMA climatronic system
WAREMA Wind-stable external venetian blinds
WAREMA Mobile system(Radio systems)
WAREMA Reynolux EcoClean coating

041 Urban development/Smart cities

【Industrial information】
We are aiming for a community-based newspaper that is needed and loved by people in the prefecture. In addition to newspaper, we deliver a variety of information through Kanaroko, a news distribution service. In addition, we carry out cultural projects and events to enrich culture in Kanagawa Prefecture.

【Exhibition information】
We will distribute the newspaper of the day as a sample and perform public relations on Kanaroko, an electric version of newspaper.

075 Urban development/Smart cities
FUJITSU GROUP 【TEL】044-754-3411

【Industrial information】
FUJITSU is a global ICT (information and communication technology) company based on technology. We provide products, services, and solutions in a wide range of areas with approximately 160 thousand employees supporting our customers in more than 100 countries in the world. Based on our experience and ICT, we are working together with our customers toward a prosperous future with dreams.

【Exhibition information】
We will present our efforts to realize a smart city such as Kawasaki Application, which timely provides information about parenting, and Vegetable Factory, which allows for stable vegetable culture that does not depend on weather conditions.


099 Eco-products

【Industrial information】
As a total sales company for medical devices and equipment, we entered the health care industry in 1985 and have been operating in this field. The aging society is fully in progress, where concern with and the necessity of preventive medicine are increasing. Under the circumstances, recognizing that health care is an important issue, we are doing our poor best to play our role as a firm involved in the health care industry.

【Exhibition information】
The α duck is a full-fledged medical device that allows you to choose low-frequency thermomassage, potential (minus-ion) therapy, or ion acupuncture according to your symptoms. It is recommended for people suffering from backache, shoulder stiffness, chronic constipation, insomnia, headache, peripheral nerve paralysis, or the like. It is also effectively used in rehabilitation in the social service field and curing occupational diseases in businesses.

039 Eco-products

【Industrial information】
Taking advantage of high technology, NOF METAL COATINGS has been developing high-corrosion-resistance finishing agents that give top priority to environmental preservation. The finishing agents developed by us are used in many fields such as automobile, electric equipment, construction, civil engineering, renewable energy, helping preserve the global environment. With an excellent global surface treatment network, we have established a complete system that provides surface treatment services of the same quality in any area of the world.

【Exhibition information】
Geomet® is an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor completely free of chrome, which exhibits an excellent corrosion resistance and can be applied to various metals. Forming a thin film of approximately 8 µm and providing excellent fitting, it is used in many fields such as the automobile, electric equipment, civil engineering, and renewable energy segments.

062 Eco-products
CROWN PACKAGE 【TEL】0463-92-2111

【Industrial information】
We aim nothing but to harmonize society with the environment using corrugated cardboard material recycled based on rich natural blessings and excellent technology, aiming for a harmonious relationship. We are developing and producing high value-added products toward solving the waste issue, one of the environmental issues that must be promptly addressed. We will continue to develop packages friendly to people and the environment and exploit markets so that communities can contribute to society.

【Exhibition information】
With packages that contribute to society, we improve the protective performance and strength of products from many viewpoints. We can also use high-value-added materials to provide unique packages with original feeling. In addition, we consider proposing a variety of forms of materials and, in particular, new types of materials for the mail-order sales industry, recently.

097 Eco-products

【Industrial information】
As a general trading company for automotive maintenance equipment, we are operating across Japan based on a corporate philosophy that we will meet needs in the automobile related industries that support the automobile society and provide products and services any time with consideration given to functionality, safety, cost efficiency, and improvement to the environment.
We deal both domestically produced and imported products to timely provide systems as front-line products in each field. In particular, our lines of environmental maintenance equipment, lifts, and underbody equipment offer a cornucopia of need-specific systems and models for alignment, suspension, and tire services that meet a wide range of needs.

【Exhibition information】
There is no exhausted heat n noise.
And also this tower fan differs from traditional spot cooler
that you do not have to use over 15 percent~19 percent
We will be demonstrating in our booth.
If you guys are curious about us and products,please contact us in the booth or our page on the Internet.

066 Eco-products
UNION Co.,Ltd 【TEL】044-755-1107

【Industrial information】
We produce and sell products and material (UNI-PELE) made of antibacterial resin (bio-based polymer) from plant material.
According to requests from our customers, we make consistent arrangements from planning and design to manufacturing.
The UNI-PELE is sold at almost the same price as general resins but emits less toxic gas when it burns, i.e., emits 46.9% less CO2. It is also an antibacterial resin that prevents bacteria, such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, from increasing.

【Exhibition information】
Presentation of UNI-PELE products and materials
Antimicrobial resin containing bamboo powder, antimicrobial resin containing malt, antimicrobial resin containing shell ginger, and antimicrobial resin containing coffee powder

Food and environmental business

078 Food and environmental business
Ajinomoto Co., inc. kawasaki administration and coordination office 【TEL】044-222-1114

【Industrial information】
Our mission is to contribute to the world's food and wellness,and to better lives for the future

【Exhibition information】
We have set out to discuss the initiatives of the Ajinomoto Group taking in ASV(The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value)-which is the creation of economic value through the creation of social value-for realizing our goal of becoming a “Genuine Global Specialty Company.”

Industry-academia-government collaboration

002 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Japan Science and Technology Agency 【TEL】03-5214-7519

【Industrial information】
Japan Science and Technology Agency supports cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities while working on new projects, such as support for development costs according to the phase of research and development activities and programs that aim for further use of intellectual properties of universities, with the objective of leading excellent research results of universities and public research institutes to new industries and societies.

【Exhibition information】
We will present the technology transfer support program (A-STEP) that aims for commercialization of technologies in the research and development phase based on research achievements (from research and development seeds) and exhibit business achievements through this program.

012 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Kanagawa Prefectural Council for Promoting Business and Industrial Establishment 【TEL】045-210-5574

【Industrial information】
Kanagawa Prefectural Council for Promoting Business and Industrial Establishment was established in 1994 with the objective of allowing the prefecture and cities and towns, and related organizations in the prefecture to cooperate with one another in promoting attraction of enterprises. Now consisting of 25 organizations, the council provides information about local industrial projects, exhibit at shows, and work on public relations.

【Exhibition information】
We will provide information about subsidy and financing systems available to businesses located in Kanagawa Prefecture. We will also present industrial parks and sites for laboratories and training institutes, for example, sold or developed as part of local industrial projects by public organizations.

042 Industry-academia-government collaboration
kanagawa institute of invention and innovation 【TEL】045-633-5055

【Industrial information】
As a group of experts familiar with practical operations related to patents and others, we provide consultation for you.

【Exhibition information】
Setting up a contact point for providing total support about intellectual properties to small- to medium-size businesses

007 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Kanagawa Institute of Technology 【TEL】046-291-3304

【Industrial information】
Located in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanagawa Institute of Technology has departments of technology, creative engineering, applied bioscience, information, and nursing science to foster specialists that can find and solve problems, which are required by society. Advanced Solar Energy Use Research Institute is researching and commercializing high-efficiency conversion of solar energy to electric power, effective use of weatherproof solar heat, storage and use of hydrogen, fuel cell systems, intermittent rechargeable route-bus systems, campus energy systems, and so on based the element technology cultivated under the project of upgrading high-technology centers conducted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2007.

【Exhibition information】
We have developed a system that promptly and easily detects hotspots, one of the causes of solar battery failures and fires. It is capable of detecting abnormality in a solar battery on a cell-by-cell basis. It can be used to preclude defective panels to reduce the number of failures.

090 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Kawasaki Environment Research Institute 【TEL】044-276-9001

【Industrial information】
Kawasaki Environment Research Institute was set up in the Life Science & Environmental Research Center. We are conducting comprehensive research on the environment in collaboration with the organization for the United Nations environmental program (UNEP), National Institute for Environmental Studies, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), universities and other external research institutes, businesses in the city, and so on.

【Exhibition information】
We will present the joint environmental-technology study project among industry, government and academia involving a variety of entities as well as international contributions being made by the Environment Research Institute in the investigation, research, and environmental fields with the objective of ensuring safety and security for citizens.

103 Industry-academia-government collaboration
International Economic Affairs Office, Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau, Kawasaki City 【TEL】044-200-2335

【Industrial information】
The coastal area of Kawasaki City has been playing a leading role in developing the industry in Japan. In recent years, its new attractiveness—night view of an industrial zone consisting of factories and bayside facilities—receives attention as a tourist resource. The area also plays an important role as a base for supplying a variety of energies. We will present the current situation of the coastal area.

【Exhibition information】
In collaboration with the Committee for synergy in Keihin industrial complex, NPO Liaison Center, we will present, for example, our efforts to enhance the competitiveness and reduce the environmental load based on collaboration among businesses in the coastal area.

013 Industry-academia-government collaboration

【Industrial information】
INSTITUTE of INDUSTRY PROMOTION-KAWASAKI is helping energizing local economy by, for example, computerizing small- and medium-size businesses, supporting intercommunion among businesses, and providing technical and management information.

【Exhibition information】
Support for businesses addressing challenges (Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition and Support for overseas deployment)
Assistance for networking (collaboration of industry, academia, and government)
Development of human resources who will lead the future (e.g., Kawasaki Robot Competition)

015 Industry-academia-government collaboration
the kawasaki chamber of commerce and industry 【TEL】044-211-4114

【Industrial information】
As a local comprehensive economic organization, we are conducting activities based on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Act for advancement and development of merchants and traders in the city. As a private organization consisting of members, we summarize opinions of the members and promote projects to develop the local economy and communities.

【Exhibition information】
Support for international projects, specialty counseling, business gathering, order placing/receiving business fairs, and Techno Plaza project

014 Industry-academia-government collaboration

【Industrial information】
KAWASAKI SHINKIN BANK has a management support center to solve business challenges faced by local businesses. We provide management information about foundation, involvement in new fields of business, development of new products, market expansion, business succession, M&A, overseas deployment, and so on, and dispatch experts in collaboration with organizations that support local small- to medium-size businesses to provide consultation.

【Exhibition information】
Activities of the KAWASAKI SHINKIN BANK related to management consultation and contribution to communities

108 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency 【TEL】044-520-9501

【Industrial information】
Aa an organization that implements environment-related measures, Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency aims to play a role in conducting real environmental measures by trying to create an excellent environment and preserve it and meeting various requests from home and abroad associated with environmental issues that must be globally addressed by making use of our capabilities and knowledge.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit explanatory materials and hand booklets about our projects, such as Global Environmental Fund, Relief of Health Damage due to Asbestos, and Operations Associated with Costs for Comprehensively Promoting Environmental Studies that require researches a technical development.

006 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Keio University Shin-Kawasaki k2 Town Campus 【TEL】044-580-1580

【Industrial information】
Keio University Shin-Kawasaki k2 Town Campus (next-generation nanotechnology thin-film project) aims to develop a functional thin-film coating technology with the objective of applying it to a wide range of products such as food packaging materials, electronic components, medical devices, consumer products, and building materials. Based on our proprietary wet-process nano-coating technology, we produce functional thin films by controlling the microstructures of thin films. In particular, by making use of biomimetics (bio-mimicry), we have commercialized non-stick coating technology based on natural-world phenomena found in lotus leaves and so on.

【Exhibition information】
We will use the wet process and nano-coating to achieve clean surfaces where nothing adheres, super water-repellent surfaces, and high oil-repellant surfaces. We will verify the effectiveness of the soil resistance, rust prevention, antibacterial resistance, and energy saving. The technology is expected to be used in a wide range of areas such as housing, building material, electronic component, automobiles, railway, vessels, plants, food packaging, clothing, daily products, and energy saving.

101 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Committee for synergy in Keihin industrial complex 【TEL】045-210-3255

【Industrial information】
Business efficiency improvement and energy saving at the Keihin industrial complex have been already addressed by individual businesses. Under the circumstances, further efforts require collaboration among businesses and across industries. The committee consists of 14 businesses and other organizations from a variety of industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, steel, chemical, cement, electric power, and gas. With the goal of constructing Keihin smart complex, we work toward building a complex that achieves an excellent harmony and virtuous cycle between industrial activities and the environment and informs the world of a production mode with a low environmental load.

【Exhibition information】
With the objective of harmonizing the industry with the environment and disseminating production models with a small environmental load, we will present concrete considerations addressed based on collaboration of businesses, such as effective use of by-products and unused energy discussed by the review meeting members consisting of businesses in a variety of industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, and steel.

055 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan 【TEL】03-5411-6677

【Industrial information】
The Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) was established as an affiliated research institute of the International University of Japan in 1991. Main activities are commissioned research, joint research, research seminars, member projects, etc,.

【Exhibition information】
We will showcase the achievements of the joint research with Kawasaki Environment Research Institute. The main them is how to utilize environmental data and photos for vitalization of communities.

008 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Tokyo City University 【TEL】045-910-2592

【Industrial information】
A research project at our university in 2016 considers versatile approaches to realizing low-carbon communities along with a road map for it and the methodology for environmental measures and role sharing toward creating low-carbon towns in the existing urban areas. Specifically, we are (1) developing a road map for creating low-carbon towns in existing communities, (2) identifying the structure required for popularizing and promoting low-carbon lifestyle in communities and proposing a method for popularizing it, (3) demonstrating and investigating the vacant-land utilization project and verifying the effectiveness of it, and (4) implementing an shopping-street eco point project and verifying the effectiveness of it.

【Exhibition information】
● Efforts to popularize ecological lifestyles in communities ● Effectiveness of and challenges associated with the introduction of a shopping street eco-point system ● Road map to planning of environmentally friendly towns in existing urban areas ● Sense of participation of the shopping street communities and people around them in environmentally friendly activities ● Actual use in shopping streets and ecological effects of going out ● Studies toward low-carbon and -material city blocks

102 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Liaison Center for Creation of Industry and Environment 【TEL】044-522-5455

【Industrial information】
Liaison Center for Creation of Industry and Environment was established in August 2004 by 13 interested organizations such as firms located in the coastal area of Kawasaki City. It is promoting activities mainly in the Keihin coastal area, aiming to help energize industries and solve environmental and energy problems by making use of its platform for collaboration of industry, academia and government and collision with citizens.

【Exhibition information】
Using panels, we will show our activities and hand booklets.
We will also give questions about the coastal area of Kawasaki, and eco bags to people who have answered to our questionnaire.

011 Industry-academia-government collaboration
The Institute of Information Science, Senshu University 【TEL】044-911-1238

【Industrial information】
With the philosophy of development of social intellects, we are researching education together with businesses in Kawasaki City based on collaboration of industry, academia, and government. The laboratory was certified as a Kawasaki-city environmental shop-window model project and received, for example, a grand (encouragement) prize (energy saving contribution prize) in the 2nd smart life competition in Kawasaki City.

【Exhibition information】
(1) Development, popularization, and standardization of voice message identification code for text-to-speech reading devices to improve the information environment for senior citizens and visually handicapped people
Accessibility to TV set
(2) Hybrid energy saving technology based on combined use of human power generation and photovoltaic power generation

096 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Siences 【TEL】042-676-5111

【Industrial information】
Photosynthesis occurs in various organisms including plants,algae,cyanobacteria,and photosynthesis bacteria.Microalgae and cyanobacteria,which perform oxygenic photosynthesis and show a variety of taxa and species in evolution,can be used as microbes for research with light irradiation.Then,we have been investigating the mechanisms of photosynthesis in these photosynthesis microbes.Recently we have begun to develop a massculture system of the organisms for an industrial scale.

【Exhibition information】
We are proceeding to construct a carbon circulation in a social system using photosynthesis microorganisms,for the purpose of reducing atmosphericCO₂,one of the possble main factors of global warming. Solid-surface continuous culture(SSCC)system consists of a 1㎥unit,and piling up the units would enchance the biomass productivity dramatically in a certain installation floor area.

051 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Japan voice mental research association 【TEL】0467-82-2729

【Industrial information】
We have developed voice diagnostic equipment that visualizes what people think or feel by converting human voice frequencies into numbers based on data on 10,000 people collected during counselling in 12 years (Patent No. 6029223). This equipment visualizes your emotion by analyzing voice for 10 seconds, which we position as a radiograph for emotions. It is introduced in staff training and other applications as a leading-edge stress management tool that lets you know not only what gives you stress but also how you can reduce it. In the future, we will work together with universities toward making it useful for mental care including prevention of dementia, depression, and other mental disorders.

【Exhibition information】
Experience of voice diagnosis based on voice diagnostic equipment
You can know your tendency from your voice frequencies to learn how to take advantage of your ability.
You can learn how you can manage your stress.
The equipment also lets you know prescriptions for daily living practices necessary for you, which will be useful for your daily life.

003 Industry-academia-government collaboration
kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association 【TEL】03-3519-2751

【Industrial information】
Japan Patent Attorneys Association is the only corporation established in 1922 for patent attorneys. To be a patent attorney, you must be registered to Japan Patent Attorneys Association. This means that all patent attorneys are members of the association. The Kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association is a local organization of Japan Patent Attorneys Association. Covering the Kanto area (Tokyo and seven prefectures), it is conducting a variety of activities such as workshops for training and improving the skills of members and popularization of and support for the intellectual property right system.

【Exhibition information】
Patent attorneys will provide free consultation about application procedures for patents, industrial new designs, designs, trademarks, and associated problems. You can also consult them about problems associated with intellectual property rights not only in Japan but also abroad. In addition, we will provide a booklet and the like that clearly explains about intellectual property rights

057 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Miyazaki Enterprise Promotion Organization 【TEL】0985-74-3850

【Industrial information】
We will present environmental recycling projects being conducted by small- and mid-size businesses in Miyazaki Prefecture.

【Exhibition information】
Public relations of our environmental recycling project

059 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Yoshitama Surface Finishing Co.,Ltd 【TEL】0982-33-1251

【Industrial information】
1. Electroplating: precision chrome, industrial chrome, gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, lead-free solder, nickel, and so on
2. Electroless plating: Gold, copper, nickel, and so on
3. Others: etching processes, sand finishing, anodized aluminum, electropolishing, buffing, and so on
Besides these, we are working on a telecommunications project (au shop Tatara) and environmental projects.

【Exhibition information】
Products that have undergone electroplating or electroless plating, nonwoven fabrics that have undergone special plating, tin sludge collected from water used for washing tin-plated products, and so on

058 Industry-academia-government collaboration
Wako Concrete Co., LTD 【TEL】0982-69-2216

【Industrial information】
As a maker of precast-concrete products, we are operating mainly in Miyazaki Prefecture.
We manufacture strong, durable precast-concrete products using fly ashes for concrete manufactured in Miyazaki Prefecture. We also develop special products such as guard fences for wooden train cars and precast L-shaped retainer walls integrated with a guard fence base.

【Exhibition information】
We will exhibit samples of products made of precast concrete that contains fly ashes.


109 International
Trade and Investment Queensland 【TEL】03-6841-0595

【Industrial information】
Queensland State, Australia concluded an agreement on economic exchanges with Kawasaki City in 2011. The state is rich in natural resources. With an area five times larger than that of Japan, we are interested in and understand the importance of sustainable development that takes advantage of innovative environmental technology toward achieving the goal of increasing the percentage of regenerated energy to 50% by 2030. We enticed knowledge-intensive industries, which triggered a rapid increase in population. As a promising state, we take part in the show with the objective of presenting investment opportunities in a wide range of fields in our state and matching local businesses and Japanese businesses.

【Exhibition information】
Materials and posters that present the industries and opportunities of investment in resources energy segment and other fields in Queensland State.

045 International
Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority 【TEL】+82-53-550-1964

【Industrial information】
Created in 2008, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority is a special government agency that offers customized facilities and space (manufacturing, R&D, logistics) for companies operating in the Korea and Asia-Pacific market. DGFEZ also provides financial incentives and relaxed government regulations for global companies.
The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone has 8 sites located in the heart of 3 major manufacturing and R&D clusters (Transportation, Green Energy, IT/ Electronics). Companies are provided with the opportunity to work in a high-quality living and working environment while maximizing synergies with knowledge-based services and manufacturing companies.

【Exhibition information】
We will introduce an overview of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone (DGFEZ) that is an institution of the South Korean regional government. We will also exhibit information and documents about the merits and various kinds of incentives of the DGFEZ helpful for the new world strategies of Japanese companies in the Kanagawa area for South Korea by introducing examples of Japanese companies established in the region.

046 International
BUCHEON Export Enterprises Association 【TEL】32-623-5244

【Industrial information】
Our association plays a central role in a mutual cooperation network engaged in exchanging information as well as mentors and mentees among SMEs in the exports business in the Bucheon Region. We were formed to strengthen member companies’ competitive edge in the area of exports by executing our role of the centripetal entity for a mutually collaborative domestic and international network.
[Main business activities]
- Conducting information exchange through the collection and dissemination of technology information pertaining to the exports industry
- Promoting projects aimed at expanding export volume and developing new markets
- Making proposals and filings related to policy aimed at developing industries involved in exports in the City of Bucheon and more.
- Facilitating business among members, including technology joint development projects, and joint research projects.

【Exhibition information】
Introduction of the association and information about Bucheon industry infrastructure

110 International
KASIKORNBANK 【TEL】662-470-2606

【Industrial information】
We aim to be a strong financial institution in Thailand that addresses diversified needs of its customers and provides the world's highest-level financial services while harmonizing the latest technologies and human resources.

【Exhibition information】
Consultation about inroads to Thai market

106 International
Kawasaki Pathunthani Industrial Park -KPIP- 【TEL】66-2909-2223

【Industrial information】
As the company responsible for managing and operating the Chumnumsap Industrial Park, located in in a suburb of Bangkok City, Thailand, Pathunthani Industrial Promotion (partner of Kawasaki City) manages and operates the Kawasaki Pathunthani Industrial Park.

【Exhibition information】
Summary of the Kawasaki Pathumtani Industrial Park (KPIP)

095 International
China Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City 【TEL】86-515-88116878

【Industrial information】
Since the establishment in 2009, based on our development goal of ””international advancement, 1st class in the nation””, we have instituted a ””1 core, 2 axes, 6 district”” distribution of space and are focusing on flue gas countermeasures, water treatment, comprehensive use of solid waste, and new materials—all areas in which the park excels. In addition, we've set the ””environmental conservation industry”” as a cornerstone and are putting effort into our core of ””engineering innovation””, as well as setting the ””fusing together industry and the industrial park”” as a pillar, while accelerating the progress of ””opening up to the world”” and promoting the improvement of service ability and the establishment of an innovation system.

【Exhibition information】
We will display panels and distribute pamphlets introducing the China Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City.

094 International

【Industrial information】
As a total leading-edge technology company, ASIANTONG DAI(QINGDAO) RAILWAY EQUIPMENTS CO., LTD. develops, manufactures, supplies, and sells products. Its product lineup mainly consists of drainage systems toilet systems, backup power supply systems, disk brake linings for high-speed railroad EMUs, and other railroad components.
Based on technologies for high-speed railroads, we are aggressively exploiting the regions of energy saving and environmental preservation associated with consumer products by taking advantage of our strength that we can maintain high level standards and quality. In exploiting new fields, we develop systems based on the idea of pump-based vacuum toilet systems and environmentally-friendly, energy-saving sewage treatment systems. We apply our technologies in the regions of buildings, mobile toilet systems, mobile bath and toilet systems, and so on.

【Exhibition information】
①Vacuum Pump Sanitary System
②Environmental Energy Saving Sewage Treatment System

094 International
Qingdao HongYi Industrial Co., Ltd 【TEL】86-139-53287329

【Industrial information】
Qingdao HongYi Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2011 in Qingdao as a business that develops and produces aluminum products and incombustible fabric. Our product lineup includes security doors and windows made of an aluminum alloy and aluminum-alloy grills as well as sound-absorbing cloth, fiber for furniture, and incombustible fabric. Our products were/are exported to the U.S.A., Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

【Exhibition information】
Flame retardant fabric、 Flame retardant wall blanket、 fabric panels、polyester fiber board

094 International
Qingdao Overseas Investment Service Center 【TEL】86-532-81978616

【Industrial information】
Overseas Investment Service Center was established in 1988 by the Qingdao government as a specialized investment promotion organization, a public sub-bureau organization belonging to the Commerce Bureau. For 20 years, the center has been playing an important role in enticing foreign businesses and providing services to investing firms in Qingdao. Now, we provide public services such as services associated with foreign business enticement, trade promotion, investment promotion, trade shows and business fairs, and foreign investing firms.

【Exhibition information】
Overseas Investment Service Center was established in 1988 by the Qingdao government as a specialized investment promotion organization. We provide public services such as services associated with foreign business enticement, trade promotion, investment promotion, trade shows and business fairs, and foreign investing firms.

094 International
Qingdao Metal Recycling Office 【TEL】86-532-81978616

【Industrial information】
We provide management services for waste metal, vehicle scrap, and the overall use of renewable resources. Waste metal management, vehicle scrap refurbishment management, and overall use of renewable resources.

【Exhibition information】
Company introduction

094 International

【Industrial information】
QINGDAO BOSS FLAME RETARDANT TEXTILE MATERIALS CO., LTD deals and produces sound-absorbing cloth, fabric for furniture, and fabric for vehicles, and, in particular, is highly rated for its incombustible fabric. Our products are widely used in seats and interior decorations in facilities such as movie theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, and hotels. We custom-made fabric for seats in Bird's Nest and Water Cube for Beijing Olympic Games. Now, our products are used for brands of well-known domestic businesses, including FAW-Volkswagen, Shuaikang, Dafeng, and Yongle. Our incombustible sound-absorbing fabric was used by popular movie theaters in China including Beijing New Shadow Alliance, Beijing Beautiful Star Theater, Wonder Theater for Chinese Movies, Oscar Henan, and Shandong New Century. Our products were/are exported to the U.S.A., Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

【Exhibition information】
flame- retardant sound- absorbent soft roll wrapper,
flame- retardant sound- absorbent tapestry,
Cloth Sound- Absorbent Board(Cloth Acoustic Panel),
Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbent Decorative Board ,
Fiberglass ceiling board

105 International
Hong Kong Trade Development Council 【TEL】03-5210-5850

【Industrial information】
Established in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body dedicated to promoting Hong Kong trade. Its mission is to explore opportunities for Hong Kong companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and connect them with business partners around the world.

【Exhibition information】
Eco Expo Asia - International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection

107 International
Royal Danish Embassy 【TEL】03-3496-3001

【Industrial information】
Royal Danish Embassy is the diplomatic mission abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, which is mainly positioned as a strategic base for enhancing economic partnership.
The commercial department supports export by Danish businesses and promotes globalization and innovation of them. The investment department provides Japanese and other foreign businesses with investment support based on strategic advice.
Through complementary advanced technology of Japan and Denmark, we are conducting daily activities to form new philosophy about values according to growth strategy based on innovations such as smart cities, big data, home care robots, biotechnology, and social system design. We believe that collaboration between Japan and Denmark will allow for development of solutions to challenges the world will face in the 21st century.

【Exhibition information】
We will present renewable energies in Denmark, smart cities, effective use of energy, and technology associated with supply of district heat as well as help you invest in development of innovative technologies and new projects in Demark.

044 International
Kawasaki City Overseas Business Support Center (KOBS) 【TEL】044-541-5232

【Industrial information】
Kawasaki City established the Kawasaki City Overseas Business Support Center (KOBS) to provide one-stop service for overseas business development by companies in Kawasaki City. KOBS provides support for overseas expansion of companies in Kawasaki City, such as finding new overseas sales channels, as well as problem solving for companies considering expanding overseas and for companies that have already expanded orerseas.

【Exhibition information】
For consultation regarding the overseas expansion of companies in Kawasaki City, our overseas support coordinators will provide individual concrete support consisting of
(1) recognizing what is required for overseas expansion,
(2) support for opening new sales channels,
(3) strategy for overseas expansion. We will collaborate with related institutions to provide support matched to every stage.

004 International
JICA Yokohama 【TEL】045-663-3252

【Industrial information】
As the organization that implements official development assistance (ODA) of Japan, JICA provides international cooperation to developing countries. With the vision of ""dynamic development that benefits all people,"" we choose optimal approaches from a variety of assistance approaches in order to help developing countries solve their challenges.
While an all-Japan team is helping small- to medium-sized businesses expand their operations globally in recent years, JICA helps Japanese small- to medium-sized businesses launch overseas operations by taking advantage of the networks and relationship of trust with the governments of developing countries established through long collaboration and expertise cultivated through business activities.

【Exhibition information】
The project of JICA that started in 2012 for helping small- to medium-size businesses aims to achieve compatibility between development in developing countries and reinvigoration of local economy in Japan by making use of excellent technologies and products of small- to medium-size businesses in Japan. Using panels, we will show examples of small- to medium-size businesses in Kanagawa Prefecture selected for the project.

009 International
JETRO YOKOHAMA 【TEL】045-222-3901

【Industrial information】
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. As one of our activities, we offer foreign investors with abundant information on all aspects of doing business in Japan, by providing expert consultation and offering free temporary office space in major business areas across the country. Talk to JETRO first and see more of what we offer to help set up your business in Japan.

【Exhibition information】
Booklets and others

Adaptation for climate change

079 Adaptation for climate change

【Industrial information】
Thank you for visiting our site. We are meteorological instruments manufacture, especially Anemometer, Cup type Anemometer, and Rain gauge. In our exhibition booth, we exhibit meteorological equipment, Automatic Weather Station and monitoring system.

【Exhibition information】
Cup-type anemometer, Vane-type anemometer, Tipping bucket rain gauge, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Automatic Weather Station, Data logger and Monitoring system.