Event information

Eco-Car Test Drive
The latest eco-cars including FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles) will be available for a test drive. Visitors are invited to actually ride in an eco-car to experience its performance.
[Date and time]
10:30 to 16:00, February 16 (Thursday) and 17 (Friday)
Reception at outdoor trial ride field, free of charge for participation
* Participants will be accepted on the order of arrival on those days.

【Models available for test ride】
■Kanagawa Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
■Kanagawa Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
■ElecTrike Japan Co., Ltd.
* The color of the test car may be different from the photograph.

【Assisted by】Kanagawa Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd., Kanagawa Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Environmental outreach lessons
"Environmental outreach lessons" will be conducted targeting elementary school students in the city in cooperation with private companies. Visitors are also invited.
[Date and time]
February 17 (Friday)
◆ Morning session: 10:00-10:45
◆ Afternoon session: 13:20-14:05
* Content does not differ between the morning and afternoon sessions.

■JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
"Have Fun with ENEOS Eco-Class"
■Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
"What is a Fuel Cell?"
■Fujitsu Ltd.
"How to Manage Our Way of Life on One Planet Earth" - Perspective of Ecological Footprint

【Area】 Sub-Arena Training Room 1、Sub-Arena Athletic Room 1