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Intellectual Property Seminar in Kawasaki
February 16 (Thu)
<Venue> Seminar venue C (Todoroki Arena Gym 2) <Time> 13:00~16:30

Troubles,which small- and medium-sized enterprizes are expected to confront when they start operations overseas and fomulate intellectual property straregies, and subsidy systems for acquiring intellectual property rights overseas are introduced.

[Organizer]Kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
[Supported by]Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Institute of Industry Promotion-Kawasaki, Japan External Trade Organization
[Assisted by]Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
Venue Capacity: 40 seats
How to apply: Fill in the necessary information to apply online at the Intellectual Property Seminar 2016 website(

Intellectual Property Seminar13:00~16:30

Keys to success in overseas business - Based on present situation of intellectual property - Overseas business is accompanied by various intellectual property risks. Appropriately acquiring, protecting, and using rights by understanding the situations of intellectual property system and operation status in each country is very important for succeeding in business abroad. This seminar introduces intellectual property systems in foreign countries including China, and pre- and post-response to problems such as damage by counterfeit, infringement of rights, disputes over license, and leakage of business secret.

Lecturer: Takamura Daisuke, Section Chief of Intellectual Property Department, Tokyo Head Office, Japan External Trade Organization


【Panel Discussion】International Intellectual Property Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises - Based on Virtual Examples The way to protect intellectual property spawned in a company differs depending on the industry type and business category of the company. This section discusses the way of thinking to plan an intellectual property strategy at home and abroad.

Panelists: Mr. Junichi Izumi (Patent attorney), Mr. Makoto Matsushita (Patent attorney), Ms. Chizuko Takahara (Patent attorney)


Subsidy System for Acquiring International Intellectual Property - Key Points for Application Flow of invitation and application, recent trend (type, region, purpose, business category, etc.), and notes on filling out an application form will be explained, focusing on the subsidiary system of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that provides partial assistance to expenses required for small- and medium-size businesses to file an application in a foreign countries.

Lecturer: Mr. Shoji Suzuki (Manager, New Industry Promotion Section, Institute of Industry Promotion-Kawasaki)

Technical Seminar by NEDO
February 17 (Fri) <Venue> Center stage <Time> 13:00~14:30
The system of NEDO, and results and measures of development of advanced energy conservation technology are introduced.

[Organizer]New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization


Overview of NEDO / Introduction of Energy Conservation Technology Strategy 2016 Since its establishment in 1980, as one of Japan's largest research and development management institutions, NEDO has been working on the technology development and demonstration for two missions of “solving energy and global environmental problems” and “strengthening industrial competitiveness”. NEDO introduces its roles and main businesses. NEDO also introduces the “Energy Conservation Technology Strategy 2016” published in September 2016 by NEDO and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the purpose of effectively promoting research and development in the field of energy conservation technologies.

Speaker: Hitoshi Sakayori, Principal Manager, General Management Group, Energy Conservation Technology Department, NEDO


Strategic Energy Conservation Technology Innovation Program: System Introduction and Development Case Study The “Strategic Energy Conservation Technology Innovation Program” is a subsidy system designed to contribute to the establishment of an energy conservation economic society in Japan and strengthening of industrial competitiveness, and for the development of technologies that are expected to have high energy conservation effects. NEDO provides the overview and explain the application requirements, etc. of this subsidy system, and Aster Co., Ltd. presents, as an example of technology development using this system, the “research and development of high density/high power motor using fastener coils by Aster”.

Kai Tateda, Management Group, Energy Conservation Technology Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
Takenobu Hongo, President, ASTER Co., Ltd


Research and development of innovative technology for using unused energy NEDO launched a project "research and development of innovative technology for using unused energy" in 2016 to develop technologies to manage heat, prevent heat from escaping (heat isolation), and store heat (heat storage) that will be a platform for technologies for efficiently using energy spreading over a wide area but unused. The situation of development of innovative energy conservation technology whose results have been gradually seen is introduced along with the background of the project.

Lecturer:Development group, Energy conservation department, NEDO


International energy demonstration project - Introduction of system and example of demonstration "International energy demonstration project" is a system that supports global spread of Japanese energy conservation technologies. Energy technologies and systems Japan is strong at verified for effectiveness and is spread by private businesses abroad in cooperation with the government and official organizations of the other country. As an example of introducing the system of this project and demonstration using this system, "Project for demonstrating energy-saving buildings in Shanghai, China" is introduced by Yasui Architecture and Engineers, Inc.

Lecturer:Masayoshi Takano, chief, International group, Energy department, NEDO
Mr. Shu Fukutani, Environment and facility chief, Environment and facility department, Osaka office, Yasui Architecture and Engineers, Inc.

Environmental Business Alliance Matching Seminar in Kawasaki
February 16 (Thu)
<Venue> Seminar venue A <Time> 13:00~16:30

A seminar sponsored by the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry for small- and medium-size firms developing environment business is held in the venue.

A predetermined first holds a presentation in a seminar space in the venue, followed by individual business negotiation in a negotiation space.
Environmental Business Alliance Matching Seminar
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Seminar for Developing Ideas for Commercialization
February 17 (Fri)
<Venue> Seminar venue A <Time> 10:30~12:30
Organizer Kawasaki City

Seminar for Developing Ideas for Commercialization10:30~12:30

Workshops in cooperation between private and government sectors in fields where new markets are expected to be created
(Workshops toward creation of innovation)
Workshops are organized at home and abroad in cooperation with operators aiming at developing environmental business. The theme of the study is a social issue and in an environmental field that is hard to be solved only by the administration, and a study is conducted with an eye to creating innovation with government officials and experts also participating. The result of a study that includes the latest information and opinions of the government and experts will be announced.

・Study of business for adaptation to climate change
・Promotion of energy conservation in small- and medium-scale buildings

Lecturer: Kawasaki City, Environmental Protection Bureau


"Seminar for Supporting Overseas Expansion by Consultants -- Consultants Share their Ideas to Help You Get Ahead -- The Way Things Are in Myanmar Today" Work of a consultant helping development in emerging nations is introduced in a easy-to-understand manner, taking a case in Myanmar as an example. A representative of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., who served as a director in Myanmar until recently, will talk about the present situation of Myanmar.
Small- and medium-size businesses considering starting operations abroad, including in Asian region, might as well participate (individual consultation is possible after the seminar).

Lecturer: Engineering and Consulting Firms Association, Japan, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.