Feature Programs

Seminar on Eco-business will create a better future for resources and energy
February 16 (Thu) <Venue> Seminar Space B <Time> 13:00-15:55

"IoT Solutions to Accelerate Business Innovation: Case Studies in Environmental Sector and Various Industries" Mr. Takaaki Suga (Head of Office, IoT Business Division, Network Service Business Unit,
Fujitsu Limited)

Energy & Deregulation of Electricity Market13:45-14:25

"Digitalization to Enable Smart Use of Energy" Mr. Takashi Yatabe Producer, Engineering Management Office,
Engineering & Environment Strategy Unit,
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated

Soil Pollution Control14:30-15:10

"Current State of Issues Concerning Soil Environment and Shimizu's Effort" Mr. Wataru Aizawa General Manager, Research Planning Department,
Soil Remediation Division, Engineering Headquarters, Shimizu Corporation

Hydrogen Energy15:15-15:55

"Introduction of Hydrogen Generator and Its Application to Hydrogen Station" Mr. Akiyoshi Yamazaki Manager, Hydrogen Station Business Department,
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.

Seminar on Environmental Business to Open the Way to the Future of Resources and Energy
February 17 (Fri) <Venue> Seminar Space B <Time> 13:00 - 15:55
IoT & Waste Management13:00-13:40

"Recycling Business's Challenge to IoT Innovation" Mr. Takamasa Hayashi (Representative Director, Resource Circulation Network)

Energy & Deregulation of Electricity Market13:45-14:25

"Deregulation of Electricity Market and Tokyo Gas's Electricity Sale" Mr. Hidehiro Isohama (Energy Sales & Service Promotion Dept., Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)

Water treatment14:30-15:10

"Water Treatment Issues and Water Business Strategies in the World (tentative title)" Mr. Yoshiro Abe (Director, International Business Division, Aqua Solutions Section,
JFE Engineering Corporation)

Hydrogen Energy15:15-15:55

"Future Developments toward Hydrogen-Based Society Using Renewable Energy" Next-Generation Energy Project Team, Toshiba Corporation

Market Development Seminar
February 17 (Fri) <Venue> Seminar Space B <Time> 11:30-12:30 "Essential Steps in Developing Markets in the ASEAN Region" Mr. Kazuya Sato (International Business Advisor, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan)
Note: The application for each seminar will close when the seating capacity is reached. Please contact us early as seats may be filled. If there are seats available on the day, you can apply at the venue.