Eco Tech Fair 2019
11th Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair

Exhibitor List

Air, Soil and Water Environment Business

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AISAN INDUSTRY is engaged in the manufacture and sale of products for the treatment of wastewater, such as flocculants and wastewater treatment equipment. Our products are also registered on the New Technology Information System (NETIS) sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). We offer a wide range of products capable of addressing a variety of applications and requirements. Boasting high safety standards and excellent performance, our products can help you reduce costs, such as by shortening processing times.

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SUIMU is a flocculant product made by ACT, which enables waste fluids to be treated easily and inexpensively. If processing waste fluids inhouse is difficult for you and you are outsourcing the processing of all your waste fluids to an industrial waste disposal company, SUIMU can reduce your processing costs. Compared with conventional flocculants, SUIMU removes more water from the precipitate formed after processing, offers a faster reaction rate, and is easier to control pH levels. Made from safe constituent parts, SUIMU’s principal ingredients are natural minerals, which means that both the product and the processed waste water are environmentally friendly. SUIMU has been selected for large-scale works in Tokushima Prefecture and for decontamination projects in Fukushima Prefecture.

ACT Co.,Ltd
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Osmo Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing of pure water and ultrapure water treatment equipment. Our equipment has been installed in semiconductor factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospital, mineral water factories.
Our company’s water treatment equipment was successfully introduced into a mineral water factory in Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa. We would like to contribute to the water problem for world by abundant water treatment technology cultivated up to now.

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This technology uses an inorganic coagulating agent to process sludge in various kinds of sewage, without the use of dehydrators or heat treatment.
The solidified sludge dries out more and more as time goes by, meaning the sludge will remain stable for a long period of time.
Dissolution testing of heavy metals has also found that none were eluted.
As for sewage treatment, this technology uses a completely inorganic flocculant to treat water by means of adsorption-coagulation-type flocculation.
This processing method is also unique in that it repeatedly reflocculates, the same as the activated sludge biological treatment process.
The aim is to bring the technologies of these two companies together to perform more difficult sewage/sludge treatment.

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The City of Kawasaki Waterworks Bureau promotes environmentally friendly business operations.
In addition to supplying tap water and industrial water to homes and businesses in the city, we treat sewage before discharging it into rivers and the sea. However, these processes consume much power and also generate greenhouse gases and waste. We therefore aim to create a good water environment while contributing to preservation of the global environment, by putting effort into the installation of energy-saving equipment, the effective utilization of renewable energies and the effective utilization of resources.

Waterworks Bureau, City of Kawasaki
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For the enhancement of the global water environment through water business, a platform “Kawasaki Water Business Network” (KaWaBiz NET) was established in Aug. 2012 between private enterprises which have water-related technologies / products, and the City of Kawasaki which has technologies and expertise of water / sewerage management, in cooperation with relevant ministries and organizations. KaWaBiz NET consists of 74 members and 13 cooperators at present and is engaged in the activities with members to enhance water environment through successful water business mainly in Asian region where City of Kawasaki has relationship.

Kawasaki Water Buisiness Network
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KOYO exhibits eco products that address health concerns in your home.
Platinum coating is a coating agent that continues to produce antibacterial, antifungal and antiodor effects 24/7 for 365 days a year without the need for light or electricity.
KIREI MIZU® is a cleaning agent based on a new concept of removing dirt by decomposing and exfoliating. Using zero hazardous chemicals or petroleum-based surface-active agents, the product is harmless to both people and nature, and is environmentally friendly.
HIGH SHORKER is an ecological flame retardant that emits no toxic gases. It enables paper, wood, cloth and other flammable materials to be easily made flame-retardant or flame-resistant.

KOYO Co.,Ltd
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NEDO is a national research and development agency that plays a part in economic and industrial administration, through promoting the development of technologies aimed at addressing energy and global environmental problems and enhancing industrial technology.
As a technology development management organization, our aim is to resolve social issues and create markets, by promoting the development and demonstration of high-risk, innovative technologies and by implementing innovation in society, through the optimal combination of the technology and research capabilities of industry, academia and government.

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
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SHINWA Controls is a manufacturer involved in a wide range of industries―the environment, medical care, semiconductors and the space industry. As our name suggests, our business is built around a core of fluid control technologies, which control fluids such as gases and liquids.
Our two principal business areas are: devices, where we deal in solenoid valves and motor valves, which function to start and stop the flow of fluids; and equipment, where we deal in precision temperature control equipment and precision air-conditioning equipment, which regulate temperature and humidity with precision. We are engaged in the whole business process, from development and design, to manufacturing and sales.
In recent years, we have also focused effort on making production facilities more automated and requiring less manpower, and our technical strengths in manufacturing have been well received.
Please be sure to check out our manufacturing capabilities.

SHINWA Controls Co.,Ltd.
Corporate Profile

DOT&LINE Inc. offers the creation of clean, eco-friendly environments through the sale of sanitary and environmental products, including the sale and management of ozone deodorization and disinfection machines made by Ace Industry Corporation, which belongs to the Toyota Auto Body Group.
We are committed to working with you to leave an enriched global environment for the future.

dot and line,inc
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On display is CATCH-KUN, a small, mobile spray machine that can be used to combat heat stroke, dust and odors. Utilizing a centrifugal separation method to spray a mist, there is no worry of clogging. Being easy to use has made the CATCH-KUN popular with our customers.
The power of the mist lowers the ambient temperature, contributing to the prevention of heat stroke.
Dust, which would otherwise most likely be left floating in the air, is brought under control more quickly by using the mist to reliably capture the swirling fine dust particles, thereby improving the work environment.
Liquid deodorant, which is safe and has an immediate effect, is used to remove all manner of odors.

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Japan Thread's Double Clean Filtration System is a filtering device that utilizes a world-first groundbreaking mechanism. In 2017, we patented a filtration technology that uses an “original module” drawing on the forces of nature plus a “filter” that can be backwashed. The spiral-structured module allows the centrifugal force and cross flow to keep impurities on the outside, while clean water inside is filtered with a special filter, enabling “coarse filtration” and “microfiltration” to be performed at the same time. The special filter can be automatically controlled to perform a backwash, thereby extending its replacement time and keeping your running costs down.

Japan Thread Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Basic

Established: May 17, 2005, Capital: 10 million yen
Products: Bicycle-mounted emergency water purifiers, emergency hand-operated water purifiers in cases, seawater desalination equipment (engine-powered, electric-powered and manual), etc.


During the 35 years since its founding in 1983, A.I.T. has operated as a company specializing in reverse osmosis membrane purification systems.
Products: Compact drinking water equipment (Hydro Pure Series), compact, mobile water purifier for disasters (Carry Pure-Pure Series)

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Our company has its roots as a pioneering company for water jets. We provide a wide range of services ranging from high-pressure washing of factory facilities, washing of various types of piping, and chipping concrete, to mist cooling equipment. In anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, accommodations and commercial facilities are being erected one after another. Accommodations facilities in particular face the problem of unpleasant odors, but this is being improved through Fujiks' solutions for eliminating such odors. Business operators that are troubled by odor issues are welcome to visit our booth.

Fujiks Co., Ltd.

Hydrogen Energy

Kawasaki City Global Environment and Sustainability Office
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With an aim of realizing a hydrogen society, Kawasaki City is advancing efforts to expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells and to improve public recognition of hydrogen. One of these efforts is a public awareness program utilizing a fuel cell vehicle powered by hydrogen. Our hope is that local residents feel familiarity with hydrogen, by seeing hydrogen technologies in vehicles, something that is closely related to their everyday lives.

Kawasaki City Global Environment and Sustainability Office
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In January 2019, a new incubation facility to be launched in Shin-Kawasaki!

  • ・Presentation on AIRBIC—the new incubation facility developed by Kawasaki City in the Shin-Kawasaki Sozo no Mori district
  • ・Information on the tenant companies currently in the KBIC Main Building and NANOBIC, two other incubation facilities in the same district
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Showa Denko’s history dates back to 1931 when it succeeded in manufacturing ammonia and ammonium sulfate using domestic technology (technology of the Government Chemical Industrial Research Institute, Tokyo) for the first time in Japan. These days, we boast a diverse range of product lines, including: basic chemicals, such as ammonia, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite; industrial gases, especially nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen; high-purity gases (ammonia, chlorine, etc.) necessary for the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs and LEDs; specialty chemical materials, such as food additives and cosmetic base materials; and high-performance chromatography columns used in the decomposition and analysis of chemical substances.

SHOWA DENKO K.K Kawasaki Plant
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【Smart industrial complexes achieved with hydrogen energy and digital technologies】
As an integrated engineering company, Chiyoda Corporation has many valued customers in Kawasaki’s coastal area. Our aim is to build a hydrogen supply chain, based on establishing the technologies necessary to store and transport hydrogen in liquid form under ordinary temperature and pressure. We are also working on realizing the virtual plant concept, based on the view that visualizing entire spaces by introducing digital and 3D technologies will be pivotal for plant operations and maintenance in the future. This exhibition showcases some of our technologies supporting smart industrial complexes.

Chiyoda Corporation
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With an aim of promoting the adoption renewable energies, Toshiba promotes the building of hydrogen supply chains and the local production and local consumption of hydrogen energy. We will develop technologies and solutions for the stable and effective supply of hydrogen made using renewable energy and hydrogen produced by effectively utilizing surplus power and unused power. We remain committed to further popularizing the use and application of hydrogen.

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
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Nippon Seisen’s separation membrane module for high-purity hydrogen production features a palladium-copper alloy foil membrane. We offer optimally designed products tailored to usage conditions, starting with compact-sized modules, and backed by solid reliability and outstanding cost performance. Also on display is a catalyst wire we are currently developing, which is capable of effectively dehydrogenating MCH.

Corporate Profile

This hydrogen dispenser has been designed for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), a means of transport in which Japan is leading the world. It can refill about 5 kg of hydrogen in three minutes. This dispenser takes up about 30% less space than its predecessor because it has a proprietary compact heat exchanger built into it to prevent the temperature of the hydrogen gas from rising while filling. The void in the main unit lends the dispenser an open design. The filling hose and nozzle are located on the edge of the dispenser, meaning it can be used from either side.

  • ● Filling pressure: 82 MPa
  • ● Measurement accuracy: ±1.5%
  • ● Measuring range: 0.1–3.6 kg/min
Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement,Ltd
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Mitsubishi Kakoki contributes to ongoing development of society by providing high quality products and facilities based on solid technologies rooted in its manufacturing expertise and strict quality management skills.As we work to meet the needs of the new age,we remain committed to taking up the challenge of venturing into new business fieldsm,and offering products,technologies and services that answer the needs of our customers.

Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha,Ltd.


Corporate Profile

Soushow prides itself as the expert in the sales, development and installation of window films for over 40 years. As recognition to our vast experience in the films industry, our chairman was awarded the Kawasaki Meister award in 2017. Apart from heat-shielding films, we will also be introducing the latest films in the industry such as those that can be installed to the exterior of vehicles, as well as several environmentally friendly films.

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Japan is engaged in the sale of Panasonic electronic devices and industrial devices at 25 locations in Japan, primarily through a network of domestic selling agents.

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.
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With over 80 years of leadership in technological innovation and a market presence in more than 160 markets all around the globe,Mitsubishi Fuso has a long track record as one of the most innovative and prominent brands in the commercial vehicles industry. The motivation for all our pioneering efforts has always been your environment, economy and safety.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
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UNION manufactures and sells UNI-PELE, a plant-derived antibacterial resin material, and finished goods. Our company’s integrated line of planning, design and manufacture enables us to accommodate customers’ demands for products. UNI-PELE sells for about the same price as ordinary resins, but it generates less toxic gas when burned and emits 46.9% less CO2. The resin also has antibacterial properties, preventing the propagation of bacteria such as colon bacilli and O-157.

Pneumatic Co.,Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Scale Clean: An electromagnetic water treatment system that uses the latest technologies and our unique techniques to keep pipes clean inside for liquids to flow through.

Corporate Profile

Wako Sangyo produces a vomit coagulant which solidifies vomited matter by absorbing the water content. It is made by reusing films of old wax that has been used to polish floors in buildings. Using only water (no detergents or release agents), the wax film is exfoliated from the floor. The dirty cleaning water is then condensed and filtered, leaving the wax component, which is porous and therefore ideal for the vomit coagulant. Furthermore, once condensed and filtered, the cleaning water is neutral and as colorless and transparent as tap water, and so is reused in the exfoliating and cleaning process. Our environmental technology was certified as a Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand in fiscal 2015. The technology has also been patented, and has received third-party certification under the carbon offset scheme run by the Ministry of the Environment.

Wako Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Waste / Recycling Business

Corporate Profile

The brand “MOTTA” is named after the typical Japanese way of thinking “MOTTAINAI” which means “Use up a thing until its value is exhausted”. We MOTTA has been focusing on lead acid battery regeneration service based on our original technology, especially for electric battery forklifts. And now, our challenge is stepping forward to “countermeasures against disaster” domain. Visit our place, there will be something that presents you new imagination for your business.

Corporate Profile

ECO COOPERATION set up a business tool since our establishment, such as website and brochure specializing in waste treatment and resource recycling.
We will be “public relation department” for all waste processors and organizations,
making use of our special skill for waste industry. We hope we can help you.

Corporate Profile
  • ・Group of professionals who design and produce a sustainable carbon-free society
  • ・Climate Change Mitigation
  • ・Solid Waste Management Capacity Development in Developing Countries
  • ・Environmental Cooperation on E-waste
  • ・Management Waste to Energy Project Development
Kawasaki City Enviromental Protection Bureau Public Waste Management Depaertment
Corporate Profile

Kawasaki is a large city of about 1.5 million people, with many environmentally aware residents and businesses. As one of these “environmental citizens,” they take the lead in implementing a variety of initiatives in the local community. In order to contribute to environmental conservation, not just within the city, but also on a national and global scale, Kawasaki City will take the lead as a top runner in Japan, by continuing to promote integrated initiatives for resource recycling, low carbon and environmental symbiosis, and by collaborating with residents and businesses to improve environmental issues.

Corporate Profile

Kureha Ecology Management is committed to conserving the global environment through the collection, transportation and intermediate processing of industrial waste, as well as through its comprehensive engineering services for environment-related facilities. Our incineration facilities located in Kawasaki City are capable of handling the detoxification of persistent substance PFOS, as well as the treatment of medical waste. By using waste heat that is generated during waste incineration for electricity generation, we also contribute to supplying energy. The adjoining Kawasaki Logistics Center mainly handles trans-shipment storage of low-concentration PCB waste and infectious waste.
Through the proper treatment and disposal of increasingly diverse waste, we fulfill our role in the recycling-oriented society as a waste processing and recycling industry in Kawasaki, the city of manufacturing.

Corporate Profile

In recent years, plastics leaking into the environment have become a significant social problem. Our laboratory discovered a degrading enzyme (PETase) among microorganisms that break down polyethylene terephthalate (PET). However, PETase are inefficient at breaking down PET, and so activity of the enzyme needed to be increased for PETase to be of practical use. Therefore, focusing on the contact frequency between PETase and PET, we developed a technique to dramatically improve decomposition efficiency by adding a surfactant.

(1) Corporate profile

Since its establishment, Corelex Sanei has pioneered the commercialization of “coreless” products, and has developed systems for recycling waste paper. In the past, waste paper was considered a non-renewable resource and was simply incinerated, but our systems enabled it to be converted back into a usable resource. Our aim is to continue contributing to a sustainable society, by endeavoring to nurture creative and independent engineers, researchers and other employees demanded by a recycling-oriented society of the 21st century.

(2) PR

“Japanese Life Paper” connecting people, the environment and the future

(3) Proposal

“Think of all paper as a resource”

Corporate Profile

Convert garbage to liquid by using the power of microorganisms, industrial garbage disposal machine.

Corporate Profile
  • ・The Merry Corporation was established in June 2001 within the Practical Research Area of Kitakyushu Eco-Town.
  • ・We conduct research on the recycling of food waste, in partnership with the University of Kitakyushu, Kyushu University, Fukuoka University and Doshisha University.
  • ・Based on the concept of “making things to eat from food,” our business is to create and operate food-recycling infrastructure as a company designing food recycling loops.
  • ・We are engaged in promoting the formation of integrated public-private community recycling areas, through the provision of technologies and services that contribute to a sustainable recycling-oriented society and a low-carbon society.
The Merry Corporation
Corporate Profile

Since its establishment in 1954 as a corporation responsible for sanitation and the environment, the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center has deployed technologies in Japan and overseas, with a focus on technical support for administrative measures for sanitation in daily life and for environmental issues, as well as support for human resources development, and public information dissemination, education and public awareness.
We provide a range of program support for the national government, local governments, corporations, NPOs and many others, in line with their administrative measures of the times, such as measures for ensuring sanitation aimed at a “better life without mosquitoes and flies,” measures for controlling pollution associated with rapid growth, and sustainable development and the formation of a recycling-oriented society.

Corporate Profile

MISHIMAX reduces organic waste such as sewage sludge more than 90% by using high temperature aerobic fermentation technology. The fermentation and decomposition tank filled with woodchips is environmentally managed to promote the activation of indigenous bacteria in the tank. Organic waste volume is reduced at a high rate through evaporation of moisture by fermentation heat. Without using special bacteria, bioremediation is effectively enhanced - MISHIMAX is an environmentally friendly product.

Mikuniya Corporation
Corporate information

The IoT Council of Waste Management and Recycling was the first organization in Japan established for the objectives of reviewing IoT adoption policies in the fields of waste treatment and recycling, making policy recommendations to the government, and creating new businesses, based on the premise of industry-government-academia collaboration. We conduct reviews through the activities of working groups that involve experts, local governments, IT corporations, manufacturers, and waste disposal businesses. By popularizing IoT technology and the associated new business models, we aim to solve problems in the waste disposal and recycling business sectors.

Exhibition information

Information about business models and examples of initiatives utilizing IoT in the waste disposal and recycling sectors will be on display.

IoT Council of Waste Management and Recycling

Contribution to the Local Environment

Corporate Profile

Do you have a soiled carpet that does not get clean with regular cleaning? Do you want to make your dirty carpets clean again? This exhibition will show you how to restore your carpets.

Kawasaki Eco-Tech
Corporate Profile

In 1997, Kawasaki City drew up the Kawasaki Eco-Town Plan to create a model town along the entire coastal area of Kawasaki (about 2,800 hectares), where the environment and industry would exist in harmony. Approval was received from the national government as the first eco-town area in Japan. At our booth, we will introduce some of the initiatives being undertaken by recycling facilities and by companies involved in environmental technologies located in the Kawasaki Eco-Town area.
Also on offer for local companies are consultation services by overseas support coordinators from the Kawasaki City Overseas Business Support Center (KOBS) on matters related to overseas business expansion. Please feel free to drop by.

Kawasaki Eco-Tech
Corporate Profile

Based on the key concept of a “virtuous cycle of environment and economy,” Kawasaki City has steadily promoted global warming countermeasures, and in addition, taking advantage of the excellent environmental technologies and environment-related industries that have accumulated in the city, it has advanced initiatives in which global warming countermeasures also contribute to revitalization of the economy. Having revised the Kawasaki City Basic Plan for Promoting Measures against Global Warming in March 2018, we are now working on global warming countermeasures with an emphasis on “multiple benefits,” which also contribute to industrial promotion, disaster prevention measures, health maintenance and so on.
At our booth, we will introduce you to Kawasaki City’s global warming countermeasures.

Kawasaki City Global Environment and Sustainability Office
Kawasaki Zero Emission Industrial Complex
Corporate information

The Kawasaki Zero-Emission Industrial Complex is located within Kawasaki Eco-Town. Efforts are being undertaken to reduce waste as much as possible. We will introduce some of the corporate activities.

Exhibition information

On display will be panels and pamphlets about the Kawasaki Zero-Emission Industrial Complex.

Corporate Profile

In partnership with USGBC that operates LEED and GBCI that operates WELL, Green Building Japan(GBJ) serves as the only organization that promotes LEED and WELL from user’s standpoint in Japan. We are consisted of corporate and individual members from a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, real estate, consulting, architectural design, building management, testing and evaluation.

Corporate Profile

KITAGAWA GAS DETECTOR TUBE SYSTEM began in a small hydrogen sulfide detector tube for quality control, and have explored the field of GAS DETECTOR TUBE SYSTEM since then.
There are numerous characteristics to our method which cannot be seen in others, and our products are utilized in various fields.

Corporate Profile

Tokyo Mirai Sozai is a biomass material containing 51% paper powder. Categorized by law as “paper,” it may be disposed of as combustible garbage anywhere in Japan. Resistant to temperatures between -50°C and 150°C, it is also suitable for microwave ovens, dishwashers and bleaching. Tokyo Mirai Sozai is attracting attention as an alternative material to plastic. Produced via injection molding, it can be processed into any shape, and can be mass-produced. All processes, from raw materials to production, are conducted in Japan.

Corporate Profile

We are manufacturer and supplier of temporary protection materials for buildings which are under construction,40 years of industry experience.At the same time,we have started developing health care products since 2003,and come up with a newly developed Titanium Apatite soap bars.The Titanium Apatite is a photocatalytic material developed by Fujitsu Laboratories and the University of Tokyo.We have an Exclusive Cosmetics Production Contract with Fujitsu.

Takara Protect Materrials co,ltd,
Corporate Profile

The JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation provides comprehensive solutions that cover the stable procurement of primary energy such as crude oil, natural gas, coal and solar, as well as the efficient conversion of the optimal energy source for customers, so that they can use energy safely and with peace of mind.
In the power business, we have developed the ENEOS Denki and My Denki brands by taking advantage of our diverse fuel supply sources as a comprehensive energy corporation, with the aim of providing our customers with economically efficient electric power. We are also committed to the development of environmentally-friendly power supplies, such as wind power, mega solar power and biomass power generation.
In the hydrogen business, we will contribute to the realization of a hydrogen society, by developing a hydrogen supply infrastructure leveraging our service station network.

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
Corporate Profile

Come. Look. Connect! Low-Carbon Cup 2019 to be held at Culttz Kawasaki on Feb 8 (Fri)!
The aim of the Low-Carbon Cup is to build a low-carbon society for the next generation. Schools, NPOs, companies and municipalities all around Japan are developing distinctive measures to prevent global warming according to the characteristics of the specific organization and of the regional area. Twenty-eight of these organizations selected in a first round of judging will compete in a final presentation round. At the keynote lecture that afternoon, we have invited Dr Kouichi Goka of the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), who has an active presence on television and in other media, to talk about the biological risks attributable to global warming. We would love to see you at Culttz Kawasaki!

Japan Network for Climate Change Actions
Corporate Profile

As Japan’s leading company boasting the top share of the domestic salt market, Nihon Kaisui provides customers with safe and secure salt. Based on the technical strengths and manufacturing know-how that we have cultivated through the production of salt, we have business operations in various sectors utilizing the boundless seawater resources.
In the environmental business sector, in addition to sales of magnesium hydroxide slurry, which can be used in desulfurization and neutralization at coal-fired power plants, our product lines also include our READ series of adsorbents designed for the treatment of water containing elements that are difficult to process, such as arsenic, fluorine and boron, as well as our more recent ozone treatment equipment, which uses nanobubbles to enable the processing of persistent organic matter.

Nihon Kaisui Co., Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Fujitsu is a global ICT (Information and Communication Technology) corporation based on technology. We offer products, services and solutions in a wide range of domains, with approximately 140,000 employees providing support to customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Through the experience and ICT prowess that we have built up to date, together with our customers, we aim to realize a rich future of dreams and aspirations.

Corporate Profile

On display here is Space YAMATO, a controlled medical device produced entirely in Japan. Offering double-swing motion (an industry first), the Space YAMATO is equipped with a rotating magnetic field system driven by a powerful neodymium magnet. This one device can be used on your whole body, including for stimulating blood circulation, lymph massage, pelvic massage and improving posture.

Yamato  Co.,Ltd.

Agriculture and Food Environmental Business

Corporate Profile

With an aim of becoming a “Genuine Global Specialty Company,” which is an aspiration of the Ajinomoto Group, we are committed to ASV (Ajinomoto Group Shared Value), improving economic activities through the creation of social value.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Kawasaki administration and coordination office

Environmental Solutions

Corporate Profile

Aiming for sustainable economic growth, the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry works in partnership with other bureaus nationwide and with support organizations to provide assistance to small- and medium-sized companies in their efforts to create new environment-related businesses and to expand their operations overseas. In this exhibition, we introduce some of the environmental technologies and products being embraced by local companies.

【Exhibition in partnership with local SMEs through creation and support programs】
  • 〇 Oceanway Orange L.L.C.
  • 〇 Fujigousei Inc.
  • 〇 Regal Joint Co., Ltd.
【Exhibition in partnership with local bureaus of economy, trade and industry】
  • 〇 Kimioka Ironworks K.K.
  • 〇 Astec-irie Co., Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Since air conditioners and the like suck in condensation and suspended dirt particles when operating, their insides are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Mold proliferates and spreads spores in the room due to a blast of air, causing health hazards and odors!
There is also a risk that climate change associated with global warming will cause mold and other bacteria affecting humans, which previously only inhabited the tropics, to proliferate in such environments. Sterilizing the inside of air conditioners will become more and more important in the future.
Package Fresh is a product specially designed to sterilize the insides of industrial air conditioners. Our Package Fresh project was certified by the Osaka Top Runner Project in fiscal 2018!

Corporate Profile

The color emission lights .


Electric Power and Gas Trading Business

Corporate Profile

For over 130 years, the Tokyo Gas Group has been supporting economic development and comfortable living through the stable supply of gas. During this time, we have also successfully created our own corporate value.
Although the electricity and gas retail market has been completely deregulated, we will continue to create new value, by treating this as an opportunity to propose and supply optimal energy systems, including electricity and gas.

On display at this year’s technology exhibition will be the following:

  • ・SMART MULTI: an integrated air-conditioning system combining GHP and EHP
  • ・LASER FALCON: the world’s smallest, lightest remote gas detector
  • ・Portable Fuel Cells in preparation for a disaster

Energy Saving · Energy Management

Corporate Profile

Utilizing measurement and control technologies based on a group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” the Azbil Group strives to realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives and to contribute to global environmental preservation, through its Advanced Automation Business at factories and plants, its Building Automation Business in the building market, and its Life Automation Business in the lifeline utilities and health markets.
In the environment and energy-conservation sectors, we offer a range of energy management solutions.

Corporate Profile

Ishii Denki System has been researching demand control for 20 years.
Our Time-Sharing Demand Control System—a patented technology which prevents air conditioners from being stopped for long periods of time—has been well received because demand can be controlled without being noticed, and we have sold several thousand units.
ISS-4 is our new eco-friendly energy management system. By automatically controlling the amount of reduced power consumption for each air conditioner according to the climate, we can realize significant reductions in power usage as well as demand.

Corporate Profile

ST TRAP offers a new dimension in fixed nozzle-type steam traps. Our traps have achieved a reduction effect of up to 48% for steam costs. Their high durability means that their initial performance levels can be maintained for more than 10 years. Making them maintenance-free is also feasible. Reductions in CO2 emissions as a consequence of using less steam fuel are also sustainable. Because of their high performance and reliability, major companies have been lining up to take them onboard. New model ARISTI TRAP and ST ENERGY SAVER panels for air conditions are also part of our product lineup. Please consider using ST TRAP and help fulfill the Paris Agreement.

ST Holding Co. Ltd./ ST international Co. Ltd.
Corporate Profile

Within the JFE Group, JFE Steel is a steel company with a world-leading production and technology development capabilities. JFE Engineering leverages advanced technologies to provide high-quality products and services that benefit people and companies alike. Both of these companies are engaged in diverse businesses around the world. We aim to become a truly excellent corporate group in the 21st century by maximizing its comprehensive capabilities, led as ever by its corporate values of “Challenging Spirit, Flexibility and Sincerity” and its corporate vision of “contributing to society with the world’s most innovative technology.”

Corporate Profile

Gentle Lighting sells and installs electrodeless lamps (as an alternative to mercury lamps) and LED lights. Selected as a model project of the Kawasaki Environmental Show-window Award in 2012 and 2014, we installed electrodeless lamps in the gymnasium of Inada Junior High School and in the Seki shopping street in Kawasaki City. Our electrodeless lamps have been used in many facilities, such as the Kawasaki Nambu Market, swimming pools, tennis courts and car factories. Having eliminated flicker-causing pulses and reduced the noise level to satisfy the requirements for medical devices, our electrodeless lamps are both environmentally friendly and user friendly. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering installing or selling electrodeless lamps, including LED lighting.

GentleLighting co.,ltd
Corporate Profile

On display will be a group of our products optimized for [pool and bathtub filtration equipment], based on a theme of “water friendly and user friendly.”
At last, a high-performance cassette-filter filtration system for pools which boasts staggering filtration performance but having only about 1/10 the [weight, installation space and backwash water].

  • ■ CREF
    With one pass through this system, your water will be as transparent as tap water! Phenomenal filtration performance! Impressively lightweight! Revolutionary space-saving!
  • ■ ODS Yu
    World’s first water quality monitoring equipment that takes 8 simultaneously measurements
  • ■ Energy-saving systems for filtration equipment
    Dramatically reduces running costs for water, heat and electricity
    Shortcut to productivity improvements!
Corporate Profile

Eco-Solutions by Softem Co.,Ltd.

  1. 1)CSGreen Cloud-based Building Management System
    Automatically control the air conditioner based on operational schedule, and room temperature and humidity level.
  2. 2)ChemWatcher Chemicals Management System
    Improve the efficiency of managing goods received, stocks, use, and disposal of hazardous materials, poisonous substances, high pressure gas.
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EPSON high-speed line inkjet multifunction printer. Maximum printing speed of 100 sheets per minute.
About double the production capacity of the type of laser printer used in ordinary offices printing at 50 sheets per minute. What’s more, power consumption is 1/8! Be sure to check it out!

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Since its establishment in 1935, Topre has been advancing its core technologies, namely, metal press forming technology and die design technology. By applying these core technologies, we now supply a variety of high quality products to different industries, including automobiles, temperature-controlled logistics, air conditioning systems and electronic equipment.
This exhibition showcases some of our energy-saving products.

Topre Corporation
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NAGAO SYSTEM INC. is a professional group that solves mixing, dispersion, emulsion and milling, which was previously considered impossible by utilizing high-speed 3D motion of a patented 3D Ball Mill.
We are good at mainly small rotating research equipments.

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With an aim of realizing a rich society in which people the world over can enjoy active and fulfilling lives, Nippon Koei contributes to nation-building around the world through a variety of fields, including consulting, power engineering, and urban and spatial development. We also offer solutions leveraging our predominance and uniqueness for attainment of the SDGs.
In the field of environmental management, we assemble multidisciplinary teams of experts, drawing on their collective strengths to provide consulting services on issues from those relating to nature and the environment, such as biodiversity, deforestation and air pollution, to sanitation issues caused by waste and inadequate sewage treatment, and issues relating to the urban environment such as the pollution of rivers.

Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
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Ricoh aims to create new markets and value by looking broadly at social issues and taking on the challenge to resolve them, thereby leading to broader business activities through social development.
We will strive to achieve net-zero GHG emissions from our own business activities through comprehensive energy conservation activities and the use of renewable energy. We will also aim to establish a zero-carbon society by providing highly energy-efficient products and solutions and by actively encouraging business partners to do the same. In addition, we will contribute to realizing a recycling-oriented society by promoting the collection and recycling of used products and the utilization of recycled resources globally.

Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Reset Company Co.,Ltd
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It is an unmanned cleaning robot that removes snow and pollutants on the surface of a solar power plant module. By improving snow removal and pollutant cleaning to improve PV generation, Prevent solar module breakage and structural collapse caused by heavy snow.

Reset Company Co.,Ltd

Environmental Civil Engineering / Environmental Construction

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Geo Search was established in 1989 and developed the world’s first subsurface cavity survey system in Japan.
Since then, Geo Search has been providing the information relative to invisible defects in aging subsurface infrastructure especially in urban area.
Geo Search surveyed more than 190,000kms of road and detected more than 65,000 subsurface cavity locations to date.
In addition to that, Geo Search has recently developed the underground utility mapping system of 3-D. This system combined with AR technology will change road digging works dramatically.
Geo Search is of the leader in this field.

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Since its establishment in 1908, TOA CORPORATION has been engaged in dredging and reclamation for the construction of harbors and their related facilities, design and execution of coastline buildings, construction of airports, marine leisure facilities, warehouses for distribution, factories, and power plants.With its state-of-the-art technology, Toa has completed many projects of urban development, commercial buildings, hotels, medical, educational, cultural and residential facilities, and has gained a high reputation for each and every design, execution of construction and maintenance.

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Our company was founded in 1961 as Toyorozai Kougyousho.
It is made up of four business units. Our Industrial Furnace Business Unit responds to customers’ needs with reliable technology, building coherent systems comprising the design, installation and maintenance of industrial furnaces. Our Incinerator Business Unit aims to contribute to society through the installation of incinerators that detoxify the harmful substances generated during the incineration of combustible garbage. The Woods and Bricks Business Unit creates artistic spaces based on the motto “eco-friendly, human-friendly,” utilizing resources effectively through the active use of recyclable materials. Having established a branch office in Laos, our Overseas Business Unit engages in the import of wood and other materials.
This exhibition showcases the achievements of each of our business units, and provides an introduction to Laos through a display of specialty products.


Renewable Energy

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The Association is an organization composed mainly of companies in Kawasaki City engaged in the sale and installation of solar power equipment and storage cells and in the construction of eco-friendly housing.
At the outdoor exhibition at this year’s fair, we will be showcasing a tiny house that squeezes in the eco technologies of our members (energy-saving, energy-creating, energy-storing mobile house). Experience eco-friendly living for yourself.
If you are thinking about installing energy-saving equipment such as solar panels and storage cells, be sure to drop by our booth for a visit.

Kawasaki New Energy Promotion Association
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Our dedicated biomass power generation equipment uses woody biomass fuel instead of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. The equipment is environmentally friendly as it supplies CO2-free electricity.
The Kawasaki Biomass Power Plant is capable of producing enough electric energy for 38,000 ordinary households for a year, resulting in a reduction of approximately 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Furthermore, to satisfy the strict environmental standards set by Kawasaki City, we operate an urban biomass power plant, which is equipped with exhaust gas desulfurization and denitration equipments and other types of environmental facilities not required in rural biomass power plants.

Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power Co.,Ltd
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Our floor heating system based on geothermal storage is an epoch-making system that makes maximum use of geothermal heat, a renewable energy. We developed this system based on the idea that the thermal demand for air conditioning represents a large percentage of energy consumption and therefore it is important to use renewable thermal energy more efficiently. By using a thermal storage medium under the floor that retains heat well, we have achieved even higher energy savings. We offer whole-of-house floor heating that covers from your entrance to the living room. By combining natural energy and a thermal storage medium, we have achieved an ideal heating system that is clean and has low running costs.

DAIWA TECH co.,ltd
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Founded in 1970, TAITRA is Taiwan’s foremost nonprofit trade promoting organization. Sponsored by the government and industry organizations, TAITRA assists enterprises to expand their global reach. Headquartered in Taipei, TAITRA has a team of 1,300 specialists and operates 5 local offices in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung as well as 60 branches worldwide. Together with Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and Taiwan Trade Center (TTC), TAITRA has formed a global network dedicated to promoting world trade.

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Our booth will exhibit models of solar thermal equipment. Solar thermal equipment have almost no heat dissipation to the outside because we adopt an evacuated tube. In addition, these have excellent heat retention. That’s why these are less susceptible to temperature gradient, and keep a high degree of efficiency in winter. These are used for hot-water supply mainly for home use. For industrial, these are used for cost reduction. Also, they are not only used for hot-water supply, but also air conditioners. Also, subsidies can be used at the time of introduction. If you are interested, please come to our booth by all means.

Environmental Material

Okamura Kenkoh Co.,Ltd
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Okamura Kenkoh has been in the public engineering works business and the concrete products business for 71 years. On display at this year’s fair is SMD-70, a concrete form release agent which is necessary when pouring concrete into forms. Derived from soybeans, SMD-70 is a user-friendly, eco-friendly form release agent which features a low ecological impact and contains no components that are harmful to people. Naturally, SMD-70 also helps to provide a beautiful finish to your concrete.

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“Contributing to society through safety”
Since its founding, Shingokizai has been working toward a safe, secure society as a pioneer concerned about the safety of railways and roads.
We provide a one-stop total service for town planning, from planning, proposal and design, to sale, construction and repairs.


Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

Kanagawa Institute of Invention and Innovation
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Armed with knowledge about business and technology, our experts in practical patent matters can provide you detailed and careful advice.

  • ・Accurate advice on the spot about ideas, patent applications, and all the stages leading up to establishing a business
  • ・Consultation on utility models, designs and trademarks
  • ・Other temporary consultation services will also be available for your convenience.
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The Kawasaki Environment Research Institute was established within the Life Science and Environment Research Center (LiSE) located in the Tonomachi International Strategic Zone. We conduct comprehensive research on the environment in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NNIES), the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), universities and other external research institutes, as well as with local Kawasaki enterprises with excellent environmental technology.

Kawasaki Environment Research Institute
The International Economic Affairs Office,Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau, Kawasaki City
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The waterfront area of Kawasaki City has been playing a leading role in the industrial development in Japan. The area also plays an important role in energy supply.
In collaboration with the Committee for Synergy in Keihin Industrial Complex and NPO Liaison Center, we will present activities to enhance the competitiveness and reduce environmental load through the collaboration among the private companies based in the area.

 The International Economic Affairs Office,Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau, Kawasaki City
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For 70 years, the Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi has been committed to fulfilling its role in facilitating finance for small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City through credit guarantees. Going forward, we will continue to work closely with small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City as an organization that supports Kawasaki businesses shaping the future.

Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi
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The Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency (ERCA) is an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, whose role is to create and conserve a healthy environment as a body implementing environmental policies, and to respond to a variety of domestic and foreign needs with respect to global environmental problems by leveraging its knowledge and capabilities.

Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
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Efforts for improved business efficiency and energy savings are already being undertaken by individual companies at the Keihin industrial complex. In order to promote further development therefore, collaboration between companies and across industries is needed. Our committee consists of 13 companies from a variety of industries, such as oil refining, petrochemical, steel, chemical, cement, electric power and gas. With the goal of constructing a Keihin smart industrial complex, we will work toward building an industrial complex that achieves harmony and a virtuous cycle between industry and the environment, and which is capable of disseminating a production model with a low environmental impact to the world.

Committee for synergy in Keihin industrial complex
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Arata Endo Laboratory is located within the Department of Urban Design and Planning in the School of Architecture at Kogakuin University. We conduct research on urban design and urbanism.

Arata Endo Laboratory, Kogakuin University
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The Liaison Center for Creation of Industry and Environment was established in August 2004 by 13 interested organizations located mainly in the coastal area of Kawasaki City. Our center promotes activities mainly in the Keihin coastal area, aiming to help energize industries and solve environmental and energy problems by making use of our platform for collaboration among industry, academia, government and citizens.

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Based on the philosophy of developing social intellect, Senshu University is engaged in education and research with corporations in Kawasaki City through industry-academia-government collaboration. Our Institute of Information Science is located on the Ikuta Campus—a center for the dissemination of wisdom and knowledge—and our aim is for the outcomes of our research into information science to be published widely.


  • (1) Voice code for devices that read out printed text, aimed at improving the information environment for the elderly and visually-impaired
  • (2) “Heartful Book,” a service that provides the necessary information to the disabled, elderly and foreigners
  • (3) Accessibility survey of smartphone applications"
Senshu University : Institute of Information Science
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We are engaged in research and development on a new mass culture system for microalgae.

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
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The Kanto Branch of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association is a regional organization comprised of patent attorneys from the eight prefectures in the Kanto region (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi and Yamanashi). Through our publicity, dissemination and support activities in relation to the intellectual property rights system, our branch is committed to the industrial and economic development of the Kanto region. Please feel free to contact us for friendly advice about intellectual property rights.

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This exhibition will introduce you to the results of research and development on environmental recycling, which has been conducted through industry-academia collaboration among businesses, universities and public testing and research organizations located in Miyazaki Prefecture.


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Kawasaki City stipulates “Policy to facilitate Kawasaki Green Innovation” for promoting an eco-friendly economy and society, with the outstanding features of environmental technologies and industries in Kawasaki City, and creates the sustainable City for the next generation.
Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster is a network established in April 2015 for promoting this Policy. It aims to improve the environment through the partnership among private, academic and public entities, and promote industrial activation and international contribution to formulate a new society.

Kawasaki Green Innovation Cluster
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We, CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. (CTII), have contributed to a better and safer lives in all the developing world as engineering consultants with cutting-edge technologies for delivering professional services.
With our considerable hands-on experiences, we aim to provide comprehensive services throughout the project life cycle from preparation and planning-up stage to construction supervision mainly for Watershed Management, Transport, and Urban Infrastructure and Environment sectors. We always embrace the challenge of growing needs in different fields and new markets.

CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd.
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As the agency that implements Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects, JICA engages in international cooperation with developing countries. JICA Yokohama is engaged in helping to solve global issues in cooperation with everyone, by harnessing its experience as well as the attractive and diverse technologies present in its territory, namely, Kanagawa Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, including Kawasaki City, Yokohama City, and Sagamihara City.
As part of its support for private-sector corporations, JICA utilizes the know-how it has built up through its projects, as well as the networks and relationships of trust it has developed through long-standing cooperation with the governments of developing countries, to support private-sector in Kanagawa and Yamanashi Prefectures in their overseas ventures.

JICA yokohama
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Created in 2008, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority is a special government agency that offers customized facilities and space (manufacturing, R&D, logistics) for companies operating in the Korea and Asia-Pacific market. DGFEZ also provides financial incentives and relaxed government regulations for global companies.
The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone has 8 sites located in the heart of 3 major manufacturing and R&D clusters (Transportation, Green Energy, IT/ Electronics). Companies are provided with the opportunity to work in a high-quality living and working environment while maximizing synergies with knowledge-based services and manufacturing companies.

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JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.

Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) Yokohama Office
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
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The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a quasi-governmental agency established in 1966 for the purpose of developing new markets and business opportunities for Hong Kong. With a network of overseas offices in about 50 cities worldwide, HKTDC encourages companies around the globe to use Hong Kong as a business platform, through expansion of trade with Hong Kong. In Japan, HKTDC established offices in Tokyo in 1971, and in Osaka in 1981. In addition to promoting trade with Japanese companies, HKTDC is also working to expand business with mainland China and ASEAN nations via Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council


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Construction and the maintenance of the food factory enter new stage by accelerating digitization.
Ajinomoto Engineering Co. assist strongly restructure, construction, and maintenance of your factory through accurate grasp your request using 3D scan, and speedy high quality engineering service.
Please experience next-generation engineering service.Cooperative company which supporting Ajinomoto Co.,Inc. in Kawasaki plant take part in our booth.Please expect it for the introduction of the technical group which knew everything about a food factory.

Ajinomoto Engineering Corporation
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★ Features of [T-400] high-accuracy automated translation ★

  1. 1:Accuracy of 95! (comparable to a professional translator)
  2. 2:Can translate in 2,000 fields (legal affairs, pharmaceuticals, finance, chemistry, IT, machinery, electrical and electronic, etc.)
  3. 3:Compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files! (translations automatically overwrite as per the original layout, improving the efficiency of subsequent correction work)
  4. 4:Uniquely customizable for your company!
  5. 5:Supports 90 languages (including English, Chinese, French, German, Vietnamese and Thai)
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The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council certifies various products and technologies created by small- to medium-sized enterprises in Kawasaki, ranging from industrial products that provide a direct boost to manufacturing to consumer products that harness unique designs and ideas. In this exhibition, we introduce the latest products to be certified with the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand.

【Exhibiting companies (9 companies)】
Indies JC, WIT (corporate organization), ENADEC, Cosmotec, Data Process Service, Tohoku Electronic Industrial, Nagao System, PROFIT Corporation, Wako Sangyo

The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council
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We have been developing retinal projection laser eyewear, a kind of head-mounted display that has a miniature laser projector. By projecting images directly to the retina, it is independent of user’s visual acuity, focusing ability, and/or point of focus. It can be applied to augmented reality and visual aid for those who have problems in their eyes.

QD Laser,Inc.
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Kuroda Precision Industries manufactures and sells ball screws, precision tools and surface grinding machines. Since our company was founded in 1925, we have continued to accommodate the sophisticated needs of industry, with a commitment to precision. Employing various elemental technologies, we will meet any challenges you face.

Santec Co.,Ltd.
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Santec manufactures and sells parts for the communications, defense, space and aircraft industries, using precision machining on 5-axis vertical machining centers and other machine types. We can now provide clients with highly complex components that used to be expensive, more quickly and at a more reasonable rate. While our core business is currently in the manufacture of machined components for the communications, defense and space sectors, we are expanding our operations in the manufacture of aircraft parts and general machine parts.

Santec Co.,Ltd.
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[PACS] system for controlling individual containers
The PACS system supports the control of logistics containers using Chameleon Codes. Pallets, metal racks, returnable boxes and other containers can be individually managed using batch-reading technology.
【Chameleon Codes are used for long-distance, high-speed batch recognition. The system makes work a cinch!】

Main reasons you want the system

  • 1.Can investigate and analyze causes for loss on uncollected pallets = Helps reduce logistics costs
  • 2.Can check inventory by batches in real-time = Reduces time and effort spent on management
  • 3.Chameleon Codes can be inexpensively read on smartphones

Co exhibitor
swifT sales, inventory and accounting system for Japanese trading companies and wholesalers operating in Thailand, Asia

Toukei Computer co.,Ltd
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Rapid prototyping with our hybrid manufacturing process in glass-filled Nylon 6 products.


Information Communication · loT

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EZDefence manufactures and sells the “iLUTon” PC security device.
Your inadvertent behavior boosts the security on your PC.
It turns ON if you are nearby = iLUTon

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With the spatial information system as the core, Informatix will build an information infrastructure to realize a more sophisticated, safer and more secure society, and we will also provide applications and services that help achieve increased efficiencies and decreased efforts.
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Aupa System Engineering is an independent systems development company that has been devoted to the manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. Offering services ranging from business consulting to the development and installation of systems, our systems have been used by more than 200 clients. We also offer collaborative ERP systems which combine our own “Working.NET” production information system and “ABEETA” multilingual, multicurrency web-based production management system with various sales management and accounting packages. The “aupa style IoT,” which we developed in-house covering from equipment manufacture to systems, achieves a high degree of applicability at a low cost, such as for the automatic acquisition of actual data and the monitoring of error data from manufacturing facilities.

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Front-line business management solutions

  • ・StampFlow is perfect for site inspection management, information sharing and business reports!
  • ・Link with IoT equipment to make a system for sharing equipment & information!
  • ・Link with RFID devices to make a system for managing off-site use and return of tools and instruments!
  • ・Share data with your CRM system, personnel system and accounting system!

* StampFlow is ideal for companies that manage facilities, companies that manage assets such as tools and equipments, companies that provide field service such as inspection and management of facilities and equipment, and solutions companies.

SalesOne, Inc.
Techno Drive Co., Ltd.
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The Intelligent Life Smart Home System is a system that allows customers to create a unique living environment by freely choose systems and products according to their own budget, environment and so on.
By using dedicated software, customers can connect to all household appliances in their home, easily converting their home into a smart home, without being tied to any particular hardware or operating systems, whether it be a computer, mobile phone, tablet, Windows, Apple or IOS. Customers can then monitor their homes and control their home appliances from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.

Techno Drive Co., Ltd.
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We can assist you in everything from business consulting, to systems introduction, server network architecture and maintenance support. Particularly through systems, we are developing cost-effective solutions, such as improving productivity and preventing the dependence of business on individual skills.

ビス株式会社 / 株式会社和功テクニカ
Yokohama IoT Cooperative
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Yokohama IoT Cooperative is established in December 2018 by four IT companies and four manufacturing companies based in Yokohama, Kawasaki and Odawara. We will provide infrastructure and services related to IoT to SMEs, mainly to manufacturing industry. We propose information collection and utilization by various sensors and devices, communication means according to the environment, analysis according to purpose, we propose IoT solution for each company.

Research and Development · Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

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At the Exhibition, the Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST) will showcase research findings from its programs, namely, intellectual property management, industry-academic collaboration, industry-academia joint development, and promotion of centers of innovation. There will also be a display explaining about JST projects for reconstruction support in relation to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquakes, the heavy rains in West Japan and the Hokkaido earthquakes, plus a display introducing the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), so please be sure to drop by.
Along with the latest trends in Japan and overseas for the topical Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will also present JST’s initiatives in the form of “JST and SDGs: There are things we can do for the future.”
* Exhibits are subject to change without notice.

Japan Science and Technology Agency
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You want to push ahead with your research, but you’re in a pickle because you don’t have any funds. Has this ever happened to you? The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) invites applications for research topics from private-sector companies, universities, national research and development agencies and so on in such areas as agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the food industry. We provide research funding to the organization conducting research on the selected topics, research is undertaken, and we promote dissemination of those findings.

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization


Kawasaki INnovation Gateway at SKYFRONT(Coastal Area International Strategy Headquaters)
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KING SKYFRONT is an open innovation hub that creates new industry from the world’s highest standard research and development. It is located in the Tonomachi district of Kawasaki City, across the Tama River south west of Haneda Airport. This area plays a part in Japan’s growth strategy, by helping to resolve issues in health, medicine, welfare and the environment, and by generating global business in these fields.
The area has also been designated as a national strategy special zone, an international strategic comprehensive special zone, and as an urgent urban-renewal area. This means a variety of systems of preferential treatment are available, such as more relaxed regulations, financial support and tax support.

Corporate Profile

Located on the other side of the Haneda Airport, the Tonomachi district of Kawasaki City is fittingly named KING SKYFRONT. Here, an international strategic zone is progressively being formed, where new industries are created from world-class research and development in the areas of life sciences and the environment. The Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM) began operating as a core center of this area in April 2015. Based on a system of open innovation where industry, government and academia collaborate under the one roof, iCONM promotes research and development toward the realization of diagnoses and treatments of diseases, such as intractable cancer and Alzheimer’s, through the fusion of medicine and engineering.

Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion,Innovation Center of NanoMedicine

Welfare Innovation

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A near future where state-of-the-art technology is even closer at hand. On display will be eight products—mostly Kawasaki Innovation Standard (KIS) certified products—that allow people to experience a near future, providing them personal support everyday such as when talking with others or enjoying the outdoors. From 4:00PM on February 7, we will also be displaying ideas generated for new products and services at a workshop on a separate floor. Please join us in thinking about the future that is just around the corner as you browse the ideas conceived by about 50 diverse workshop participants, including occupational therapists, art students, companies and others involved in community development.

Kawasaki City Economic and Labor Bureau Innovation Promotion Office

Kawasaki Municipal Intellectual Property Exchange Conference Company Introduction

Kawasaki City Intellectual Property Exchange Project
Corporate Profile

Kawasaki City is running the Kawasaki City Intellectual Property Exchange Project, a project that supports the product development and new business development of SMEs using the patents of major companies. The exhibition will introduce cases and outcomes resulting from intellectual property exchanges, known as the “Kawasaki Model,” which is based on the key concepts of prioritizing action, proactively searching, and face-to-face networks.

Kawasaki City Intellectual Property Exchange Project


Corporate Profile

SYMFLOW provides real-time survey and questioning which share results immediately, also has distributed processing for big data traffic (Korea patented) that was not served by existing survey services.
As a result, SYMFLOW has largest share of the communication solution in the MICE and corporate HRD market in Korea. In presidential debate, Mr. Moon (candidate, now president in office) gave answers with SYMFLOW, and ’100 minutes debate’, famous television debate program has introduced as live audience participation solution.
In Nov. 2017. we established a Japanese branch in Tokyo,

Corporate Profile

The Investment Desk in the Trade Promotion Section at the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo provides support to Japanese companies making inroads into the Italian market. We also provide support for Italian startups that possess outstanding environmental technologies. We look forward to hearing from you.

FDI Desk Tokyo, Trade Promotion Section, Embassy of Italy
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On display are an advanced attachment-type crusher and screener made by MB Japan.
Our Bucket Crusher works flexibly no matter how hard the material nor how tough the environment, and can help keep your costs down. Our Screener Bucket is the world’s largest and lightest, and is extremely capable. The screener bucket can be used to separate material into different sizes in order to improve the performance before crushing.

MB Japan Co., Ltd.
Queensland Government- Japan Office
Corporate Profile

A region with abundance of natural resources, the State of Queensland, Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Kawasaki in 2011 to further promote economic collaboration. 5 times the size of Japan, Queensland is a region that has a high level of interest in leveraging innovations in sectors such as renewable energy and smart cities to undertake sustainable developments.
With a rapidly growing population driven by the attraction of knowledge intensive industries, Queensland is a region that has great future potential and as such we keen are to share opportunities in a wide range of sectors such as biomass and innovation.

Corporate Profile

ODU group offers reliable connetors for versatile application designed in Germany. We offer various connectors from standard item to customized items for the applications which needs high mating cycles or transmission of high current and high voltage. We also offer cable assembly and overmolding service from one source.

ODU Japan K.K.
Corporate Profile

Since its founding in 1979, CONINCO., JSC has been growing in the Vietnamese building industry with the slogan “Toward a Better Future.”
The modern global employment environment is changing greatly amid advances in globalization. In this age where goods, money and information move easily across borders, the fluidity of people (employment) is not yet active in the world.
With a vision of stimulating the fluidity of people and creating jobs, we are engaged in activities for the benefit of people.
Going forward, we will continue to stride with you on a path to a better future so that we can be of service to society.

Corporate Profile

With Lufthansa German Airlines, you can make connections to about 100 cities in Europe on the same day as you leave Japan, via the hub airports of Frankfurt and Munich. The Lufthansa Group promotes innovative techniques and technologies, investing billions of euros in the latest fuel-efficient aircraft. By doing so, we can save on fuel, and we can reduce emissions that cause environmental pollution. For a more detailed explanation, please be sure to check out our website.

Lufthansa German Airlines


Corporate Profile

Aidem promotes initiatives connecting Vietnamese wanting to work in Japan with Japanese companies.
Since August 2018, we have been helping students from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology—one of Vietnam’s top science and engineering universities—to gain employment with Japanese companies, providing a collaborative education program (500 hours of instruction per year on Japanese language, business etiquette in Japan, Japanese culture, etc.).
This initiative has been recognized by both countries’ embassies as a Program Commemorating the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vietnam. Establishing a collaborative education program with this university is the first such initiative in the human resources service industry.
Referrals are also available for science and engineering personnel who have already graduated university. Through internships and interview fairs in Vietnam, we create meeting opportunities between Japanese companies and talented and capable science and engineering personnel.

Corporate Profile

Initiative Development of Entrepreneurship in Asia formulates strategies to develop the universal power of human beings. It has a mission to foster advanced entrepreneurial human resources, etc. in Asia and elsewhere, and has built a platform to jointly develop, create and promote various human resources around the world.

Initiative for Development of Entrepreneurship in Asia
Corporate Profile

The Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion is a public interest incorporated foundation that undertakes various initiatives with the objective of revitalizing the regional economy, including providing assistance for the development and nurturing of new businesses for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing support for corporate exchanges, and providing technological and management information.
At the exhibition, we will feature our activities aimed at supporting SMEs, such as the travelling caravan, Kawasaki Entrepreneurs’ Audition, industry-academia-government collaboration, support for overseas business expansion, and the KAWASAKI ROBOT Festival.

Corporate Profile

As a comprehensive regional economic body, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry works toward developing and revitalizing the local economy with an international perspective, including through the dispatch of missions, proposal and request activities, exchange between industry and academia, support for manufacturing, revitalization of shopping districts, and support for acquiring Eco Action 21 certification.

The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Corporate Profile

The Kawasaki Shinkin Bank has established a Customer Support Division to help resolve business challenges faced by local businesses. We provide management information about business startup and expanding into new business areas, about new product development and market expansion, as well as about business succession, M&A, overseas deployment, and so on. We also offer a consultation service by dispatching experts in collaboration with local SME support organizations.

Kawasaki Shinkin Bank
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ERCA is an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment, and is engaged in supporting environmental conservation and research activities, providing compensation for pollution-related health damage, as well as administering relief and prevention programs.
Our mission is to create and conserve a healthy environment.

Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
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Office Nishida L.L.C. presents how to reformulate global business strategy for environment business owners who may have stayed distant from direct linkage with multilateral environment agreements and global communities promoting SDGs.

Office Nishida, L.L.C.
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Kopernik is an organization headquartered in Indonesia, engaged in resolving social issues in developing countries from both for-profit and not-for-profit approaches. Through the development of innovative technologies, products and services that can be deployed locally, as well as through demonstration testing, investigative analysis and promotion of these, we are constantly challenging new approaches to resolving issues. Our Japanese corporation, Kopernik Japan, draws on local knowledge and networks to provide an advisory service to Japanese companies on product development, market research, business planning, market expansion and so on in developing and emerging countries.

Kopernik Japan
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Since 2000, the Shinakawasaki Sozo no Mori has built Keio university's leading research facility "K2 Town Campus", a business incubation facility "Kawasaki New Industry Creation Center (KBIC)" where many venture companies occupy, Collaborative Research Facility (NANOBIC)" with clean rooms of class 100 and class 10000. Furthermore, in January, 2011, we planned to start using "industry-academia exchange / research and development facility (AIRBIC)" and aim to create new technologies and industries.

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In this exhibition, we introduce various voice solutions making full use of IP technologies.
Symphony Call: automatic voice notification service
MobileWarp: simple cloud-based business phone
MAHO-PBX NetDevancer / NetDevancer CLOUD: IP-PBX
Please be sure to drop by the Mahoroba Kobo booth.

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A new “form” of manufacturing! Eco-friendly additive manufacturing will be demonstrated, linking the NX high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software solution suite with the world’s fastest XYZ 3D printers.
From the sale of 3D printers and 3D scanners to 3D modeling and data creation services, Iguazu provides ideal 3D solutions for customers, meeting the needs of various industries, including manufacturing.
With an aim of strengthening Japan’s manufacturing industry, DIPRO offers complete PLM solutions that will revolutionize your product development process.

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Based on the slogan, “Creating gentle power for the world,” Motion Lib is a business venture from Keio University, which is engaged in joint research into the manufacture, marketing and commercialization of ABC-CORE, an IC chip equipped with real-haptics technology that allows machines to control tactile force at will.
A major technological advantage of ABC-CORE is that it enables the amount of strength and haptic transmission to be controlled without the need for force sensors or special motors. Already, the technology has been provided to more than 40 companies prior to its completion, and collaborative research is proceeding. Experiencing real-haptics technology is the best way to appreciate it. Please be sure to visit our booth and experience state-of-the-art real-haptics technology for yourself.

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Securlogic operates Airmesse—a cloud-based exhibition center that hosts online exhibitions in virtual reality (VR). Being online, makes exhibiting easy. You can showcase your exhibits simply and inexpensively, just by either recording your preferred location using a 360-degree camera, or by decorating a pre-produced CG exhibition booth. Since there are no restrictions on the timing of an exhibition, some of our clients are using Airmesse as a means of disseminating information to those who could not come to a real exhibition, in effect, as an independent platform for promoting their company to increase opportunities for negotiating business. How you use it is up to you, perhaps as a VR tour of your factory or a VR visit to your office.

Securlogic Inc.
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SECOM was founded in 1962 as the first security company in Japan. Now, with a focus still on security, we have expanded into other sectors, including fire protection services, medical services, insurance services, geospatial information services, BPO and ICT services as well as real estate development and sales. Based on a secure network built up in the security sector, we are tackling the creation of a new social infrastructure to offer complete systems and services for security, convenience and comfort.
At this exhibition, we will showcase our SECOM Robot X3. The X3 is a multifunctional robot prototype capable of autonomous movement. In addition to keeping watch and moving about safely in crowds, the robot can also perform various communication functions, such as giving directions and looking for missing children.

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Seven Dreamers is a technology group dedicated to creating totally novel, world-first products. It is currently involved in domestic and overseas sales of nastent, a tube-shaped medical device that is inserted into the nasal passage to aid breathing during sleep by preventing obstruction of the airway, and in the development of Laundroid as the world’s first fully automatic laundry folding machine, a device that can free people from the everyday drudge of carrying, folding, and putting away clothing.

seven dreamers laboratories, inc.
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Japan Circuit has been designing electric circuits since 1989. In 2014, we moved into the drone business, and we have become very adept at customizing and manufacturing drones for industrial use. We are also experts in planning and developing drones equipped with special cameras such as infrared cameras. In addition, we also provide drone services throughout Japan. In 2017, in cooperation with DJI—the global market leader in drones—we opened DJI ARENA by JDRONE TOKYO in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, as a base for drone development and sales.

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〜 Orchestrating a brighter world 〜
As a business committed to creating social value, NEC strives to make the most of its strengths in ICT to “orchestrate a brighter world”—to realize a brighter, more comfortable world in concert with our various clients and partners.

NEC Corporation