Eco Tech Fair 2019
11th Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair

Organizer Events

EVENTCreating the Future! Demonstration & Hands-on Area

There will be a variety of demonstrations to promote new business developments, including drone piloting and VR experiences.

Drone Piloting

Partner organization: Japan Circuit Co., Ltd.

Japan Circuit has been designing electric circuits since 1989. Over that time, it has become very adept at customizing and manufacturing drones for industrial use. it will have actual drones on display, and visitors can enjoy the experience of piloting them.

Drone Piloting

3D Printing Demonstration

Partner organizations: IGUAZU Corporation / Digital Process Ltd.

A new “form” of manufacturing! Eco-friendly additive manufacturing will be demonstrated, linking the NX high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software solution suite with the world’s fastest XYZ 3D printers.

3D Printing Demonstration


Partner organization: Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.

Simply put your dried laundry in, and a robot arm will fold it beautifully. The automatic laundry folding robot uses artificial intelligence to remember the features of the clothes, and sorts them into separate shelves for each family member. Visitors can see and feel scenes creating a new relationship between people and clothing.


VR Experience—on the Airmesse Cloud-Based Exhibition Center

Partner organization: Securlogic Inc.

Airmesse is a cloud-based exhibition center that hosts online exhibitions in virtual reality (VR). Being online, makes exhibiting easy. You can showcase your exhibits simply and inexpensively, just by either recording your preferred location using a 360-degree camera, or by decorating a pre-produced CG exhibition booth.

VR Experience—on the Airmesse Cloud-Based Exhibition Center

Labor-Saving Robot

Partner organization: Secom Co., Ltd.

The SECOM Robot X3 is a multifunctional robot prototype capable of autonomous movement. As well as keeping watch and moving about safely in crowds, the robot can also perform various communication functions, such as giving directions and looking for missing children.

Labor-Saving Robot

Real-Haptics Technology (Tactile Technologies)

Partner organization: Motion Lib, Inc.

For machines to work collaboratively in people’s lives, they must also have haptic functions allowing them to touch forcefully or gently as the situation demands, just the same as humans. Our real-haptics technology gives machines the ability to freely control haptic sense.

Real-Haptics Technology (Tactile Technologies)

EVENTOutdoor Exhibition

Outdoor Exhibition

An outdoor exhibition will be staged in the Fujimi Daiichi Parking Lot to exhibit vehicles and run a test-drive event.
Warm foods will also be available at the Yataimura Street Stands.

Outdoor Exhibition

Outdoor Exhibition

Exhibition Vehicle

In addition to classic cars, outdoor exhibition also exhibits the latest eco cars and EV garbage trucks. Please enjoy!

First Toyota Crown(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.) First Toyota Crown
(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.)
Toyota Stout(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.) Toyota Stout
(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.)
Nissan Skyline(Nissan Motor. Co., Ltd.) Nissan Skyline
(Nissan Motor. Co., Ltd.)
EV garbage trucks EV garbage trucks
Prius PHV(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.) Prius PHV
(Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.)

Draw your own dreams for the future on a MIRAI!

Draw future dreams of elementary school students on the future mobility, hydrogen fuel cell car MIRAI.

Draw your own dreams for the future on a MIRAI!

Eco-Car Test Drive

We will hold a test drive for the latest eco car Please actually ride and feel the performance of the eco car


Feb 7th(Thu)~ 8th(Fri) 10:30~16:00
Free Participation at the outdoor test venue
※First come first served basis.

Test-drive Cars

Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
Nissan Motor. Co., Ltd.

Test-drive route

It is a route about five minutes start at Fujimi parking lot.

EV garbage trucks

※ Children under 6 years old can not take a ride
※ It may be canceled due to the weather.



In addition to the environmental efforts of companies, institutions and organizations in Kawasaki City, we will organize a tour bus tour to experience various innovations.
Why do not join in bus tour with both exhibitions?

※The reservations of bus tour are full due to the high popularity.

■ General·Business

①King sky front course (2/7 am)

Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion,Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (iCONM)/Kawasaki KING SKY FRONT REI Hotel/Haneda Connected road Construction Public Relations Hall

King sky front course
King sky front course
King sky front course

②Eco Life course (2/7 pm)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc./Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Miraikan

Eco Life course
Eco Life course
Eco Life course

③Hydrogen course (2/8 am)

SHOWA DENKO K.K Kawasaki Plant/Kawasaki KING SKY FRONT REI Hotel

Hydrogen course
Hydrogen course
Hydrogen course

■ General

④Coastal Area Innovation Course (2/8 pm)

ZEON Corporation Kawasaki Factory/CORELEX SANEI Co.,Ltd. TOKYO FACTORY

※This course is only available for general participants such as Kawasaki residents.

Coastal Area Innovation Course
Coastal Area Innovation Course

EVENTEnvironment Delivery Lecture

Cooperating with companies in Kawasaki City and providing environment-related lectures for elementary school students in the city who will be responsible for the next generation of Kawasaki.

Visitors can attend the lecture as well

Environment Delivery Lecture


Support Company Program Location
Feb 7th(Thu)
Canon Inc. Recycling using "features" of goods
〜save the world by cooking〜
Martial Arts Filed 1
KANAGAWA TOYOTA MOTOR SALES CO. ,Ltd. The Future of Cars Martial Arts Filed 2
Fujitsu Ltd. To live on the one Earth
〜Think from the ecological footprint〜
Training Room 1&2
Feb 8th(Fri)
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation ENEOS Exciting Environment Lecture Martial Arts Filed 1
TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. What is Fuel cell Martial Arts Filed 2